What’s Going On?

January 3, 2009


This new site is intended to investigate and expose to what extent the stealth jihad of modern supremacist radical Islam has infiltrated Canada.

The background book to understand where we are in the clash of Islam versus secular Western modernity (and classical Christianity), is Robert Spencer’s 2008 book, Stealth Jihad: How Radical Islam is Subverting America without Guns or Bombs. The same battle and subversion toward Islamic supremacism  is unfolding in Europe, North America, and in the radicalizing of Muslim nations, under the aegis and world-view of the radical Muslim Brotherhood.


Critics of Robert Spencer and his writings and approach must contend with the writings and evidence of The Muslim Brotherhood, Muslim preachers and teachers, universities, and politicians. Jihad may include personal struggle, but the first and primary sense is overthrowing infidel nations and peoples, through submission, or warfare, that Islam may reign supreme.

Many and various hard-working bloggers and writers have stumbled across the effects of stealth-jihad in Canada, but thusfar, no one site has tried to collect the evidence of what’s happening in Canada, connecting the dots with the wider world of islamic extremism, and helping Canadians of all creeds and political persuasions to understand our most fundamental freedoms– and the freedom to disagree with one another or with militant Islam– is under threat.

If you have helpful and accurate links and information on the stealth-jihad in Canada (or the fight-back), send them along. If we err in fact or interpretation, let us know. But no religion is exempt from examination or criticism, nor its members and their actions above questioning. To say all religions are equal: especially Islam, is already to capitulate to Islam’s absolute claim to stand above all human or moral or political authority: to treat it as true, or at least unquestionable.

That is the death-knell of intellectual freedom, and freedom of speech– not that those are good things worth upholding, for radical islamic supremacists. Rather interferes with the Sharia law for everybody and the whole ‘Islam Or Else’ thing.

They are already here: do we have the courage to look, ask, question, and stand up for the very things that make us citizens, and not slaves? We’ll be confronting not only militant Islam, but political correctness, and the human rights mentality that considers any legitimate or reasonable criticism of another culture or religion as igotry and hate-speech– even it it’s factual, or the offending words or ideas are spoken by Muslims themselves.

In this  fight, Christians, Jews, moderate Muslims everywhere, and people of good will all stand to lose. Western Civilization did not happen by accident, nor will it survive by accident, and people sitting about in ignorance, fear, or uncertainty.

It’s time to start kicking ass, taking names, and speaking out for free speech, truth, equality, democracy, our rights and duties, and our accountability to those who passed our society to us, and those who follow after.


binks.webelf – at – gmail.com

P.S. Yes, this blog is very much under development. It will take a few days. More recently-posted goodness on where we are is over here.

5 Responses to “What’s Going On?”

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  2. Walker Says:

    Hey Binks, cool site! Does this mean that you’re leaving Free Canuckistan?

  3. Rose Says:

    A new adventure, outing the Islamists. I like the concept Binks. Consider me a willing soldier in this war against the fascist Sharia lovers.

  4. Roger Says:

    I live in the West-End of Toronto and I came across some interesting legal documents that missed the Shredding machines, it was a a stack of Refugee-Paper copies and a few original documents for a refugee Lawyer .
    As I poured over the papers i came acroos a Human Smuggling scam where Jihadists from Pakistan were sent to Saudi Arabia to be Jihadistized in Madrassas and then they moved to the U.K. for awhile , from there they would plan how to get into the USA for Jihad.
    The islamists I read about were headed to a Mosque in texas that was connected to CAIR USA and the Texas Chapter that helped smiggle Jihadist in via bogus Imam papaer to teach in Mosques.
    Other pakistanis were smuggle in from Mexico to Texas only to be processes and sent up the eastern Seaboard to the Militant Mosque connected to 9/11 in Virginia , some hopped from State to Stae for a brief History and even got a Bogus drivers License.
    Some were shuttled up to Toronto via Niagara falls and Fort Erie where they had support in Bufallo and then took a cab to the border and made a refugee claim on our soil, then a car was awating them to bring to the refugee centre near me after the set-up the whole scam.
    The evidence from the refugees own statement to canadian Officials go on to detail how he paid $10’000.00 US to get in tghe USA to meet up with CAIR in Texas, he gave phone numbers and addresses to back his story because he was finally caught in the scam by his criminal record in the USA and that he knew he couldn’t file there since he entered Illegally and left pakistan to go to saudi Arabia first and then the U.K. which were safe nations.
    My research into the bogus refugee Centre revealed that they worked with Local lawyer and got Kick-backs for the clients they sent them, I found documents that tied the NDP and david Miller to the Smuggling and tax dollars given to a bogus Charity that I saw sponsor a pro-hamas rally one Saturday by having a bunch of palestinian flag waving in the Bloor Street office as they headed down to the US Consulate that afternoon .
    Olivia Chow and Jack Layton had their MP Phone numbers on several FAX papers and yet MP are not alllowed to handle Refugee claims , Charities can not engage in Political issues but Peggy Nash , Cheri DiNovo,the CAW,CUPE,Sarmite Bulte,Michelle Jean, and others have been either stupid to not know this Centre smuggle refugees into canada as a Industry to get Public funds , or they are fully complicite by ignoring it for the votes to say in power.

    Don’t bother calling the RCMP or CSIS, they both told me the other one handle the problem, it went from a non-Terrorism problem to a non-refugee issue and then they both insisted it was a Border security problem because anyone can enetr canada and make a Inland Refugee Claim and that includes Tourists.
    Welcome to the new canada , 3 level of paper-pushers collect a nice Unionized salary and benefits only to redirect Citizens to other departments .
    Or in my case, tell me I’m over reacting when i saw several cars with US plate dropping off people with Luggage and then screaming off at night as the people walked into a refugee Centre home in my area.
    The only way i could get the Goverment to act was when I pointed out the endless Speech documents posted on the Bloor Street window where they Demonized Americans and spewed lies that George Bush murdered 1 million iraqi babies
    from sanctions.
    I was also told that the Refugee councillor i heard telling refugess that the Jews cause WW2 and that the Zionists made FDR go to war agaisnt innocent civilains in Japan and germany was consider Free-Speech protected by the Charter.
    I finished with 2 questioned.

    1. If i told newcomers that Blacks were lazy and prone to violence would that be Free-Speech?

    2. If a Charity is covered by the Federal taxes under the Power of the RCMP for Tax-fraud, will you investigate this Charity that is Political and posted hatefull messages in the winddow the incite anger or violence to American living in canada?

    The yahoo gave a big Sigh , that asked for the addres of the Centre to check my compliant.
    That’s all folks , Chretien appointed the head of the RCMP, he appointed the SCOC judges, and Miller came to power with the refugee votes and now has his Don’t ask-Don’t tell policy for Illegals.

    I have a small Flyer from this refugee centre and it asked refugee to claim they were “Homeless” and would get the $5.00 for the survey, I also saw that Toronto coaches them to come ot toronto for the Welfare and they hand them out at Niagara Falls and fort erie.

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