Stealth Jihad U: The MSA-Canada

January 6, 2009

School days, school days
Dear old golden rule days
Readin’ and ‘ritin’ and ‘rithmetic
Taught to the tune of the hickory stick
You were my queen in calico
I was your bashful barefoot beau
And you wrote on my slate
“I love you, so”
When we were a couple of kids

So what’s going on in North American universities, you wonder?

The Muslim Brotherhood is the root of the modern radical Islamist movement. Their goal is the subjection of the West under sharia supremacism, through primarily peaceful infiltration of Western society, institutions, government, military, education. Soft-Jihad, no explosions, just a lot of pushing, Islamophobia-talk, making space for Islamic law, custom, and separatism. The Muslim Brotherhood has front-groups in the West, and other groups which support the program.


Al-Ikhwaan Al-Muslimoon: The Muslim Brotherhood

Stealth-Jihad U

One Islamic-supremacist group in the U.S. with a chapter in Canada– founded by members of the Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood– is the MSA, or Muslim Students’ Association. There are MSA groups at most major  American and Canadian universities.

The MSA has all sorts of free advice for student agitators on how to create Muslim-friendly zones, policies, special food, Islamic holiday observances, and prayer spaces for accommodationist University leaders to adopt, in the spirit of multiculturalism. Not that the MSA agitates for Catholic or protestant campus chapels, Jewish students, or the polytheist-Canadian academic needs– because Islam is more equal than other religions, minus the whole “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” thing. The MSA are soft-Jihadis: don’t worry, they’re not going to be caught fighting for Islamic universities to provide worship-spaces for non-Muslims any time soon.

Of course, not all groups that take on a name are full of keener Islamists: and perhaps some otherwise moderate students are not entirely aware of the roots of the MSA, and the activities a lot of its present and past members get up to. That’s neither here nor there: before I join the  college ‘European Culture Association’, it would be well to find out why some of the members shave their heads, wear big boots, have swastika tatts, and talk about saving white society.

In Canada, we want to think the best of folk– however, the MSA has an ugly  track record of political and religious activism in the service of sharia and Islamic supremacism in the U.S., and is developing one in Canada. So at the secular university of McGill University in downtown Montreal, Islamist MSA members have been behind vociferous attempts to make the University provide a Muslims-only prayer space for the 5-times daily prayers all observant Muslims are required to say. Their efforts at Multi-Culti talk, protest, rights-talk, and civil disobedience seem to come straight from the pages of the US-MSA handy-dandy pamphlet ‘How to Establish a Prayer Room on Campus‘, via this home page (and don’t go deleting it, MSA-US– we took copies of everything).

Not Only In Canada, You Say?

Looking into McGill, we see an active and activist branch of the Muslim Students’ Association (constitution here); militant students demanding Islamic accommodation; there’s and Islamic Studies Library; and the Institute of Islamic Studies (such departments are often funded in the US by Saudi oil-money, in this case it’s also Kuwaiti $$$); Dr. Wael B. Hallaq – Professor and Expert of Islamic Law at McGill; and a whole lot of sub-chapters at other local universities.

Combined all that with some very radical area ‘worship-centres’, you begin to see that Montreal has become a Canadian centre for Islam— of all stripes, including those who want to create ever-bigger spaces within Canadian law & society where separatist sharia rules, Islam is supreme, and others must accommodate.

Cuddling Together

Particularly, note the close cooperation between the MSA and CAIR-Canada, as found on the MSA-McGill’s own website: “In December 2005, MSA McGill and CAIR-CAN filed a human rights complaint concerning the absence of dignified prayer space at McGill.” And lookie there! “Human rights commission rules engineering school must accommodate Muslims.” Not kosher for Jews, not Hindu worship-space; not an atheist contemplation area, or Christian Scientist reading room. Muslims for Islam, since Islam is superior, and will dominate the West. But it gets even better:


The Lovely & Talented Ms. Elgazzar, MSA, CAIR-CAN

Sarah Elgazzar, a former member of the MSA and spokesperson for CAIRCAN, said that the ruling echoes what the MSA and CAIRCAN have been telling McGill all along. She added that it will probably reopen the possibility of a multifaith prayer space.”

hanukkah-menorahs-traditional-star-of-david-menorah-igm-4601-3036smaProbably? Yeah, and they might just set up a Star of David menorah in the ‘multifaith’ prayer space as set up for Muslim use. Ms. Elgazzar said the above in June 2008– perhaps the new academic year in the Fall of 2008 saw an outpouring of interfaith sensitivity in said prayer-room. Let us know.

Note as well how former MSA members can step up and continue the same sort of sharia-activism in CAIR-CAN. Quite convenient, that. MSA-Canada.. it’s almost like some kind of training-ground in sharia activism, or something.

The To-Do List

(1) What should they and any pro-Canadian Muslim student group do? Accept the culture around them. Secular universities are not places where one group of students are or ever should be free to bully and demand that other students and the administration make special arrangements for them as Muslims. Moreover, since many of our universities have a Christian foundation, yes there will be a chapel and other specifically Christian ideas floating around. If you don’t like that, ignore it, found your own university, or go to an Islamic country where all the universities are already sharia-compliant.

(2) Any group of Muslims students who don’t want to be associated with Muslim supremacism and soft-Jihad should specifically and constantly declare against such things. For CAIR-Canada or the Muslim Students Association of Canada to take the name of groups which in the states are directly and indirectly supporting Jihad, Hamas, antisemitic extremism, and the work of infiltrating society and her institutions on behalf of Muslims only, as laid out by the Muslim Brotherhood, it to be tarred with the same unindicted co-cospiratorial brush. Swear it off. Don’t give us any forked-tongue doublespeak taqqiya (strategic & tactical lying to infidels), either. Mean what you say, and say what you mean. If you, as a Muslim student, find out your group has become radicalized, speak out.

(3) Get informed, and watch. Any university student, faculty-member, parent with kids in school, or concerned Canadian should find out if the MSA-Canada is operating in their area universities. Who’s in charge? What do they advocate? What sort of speakers on what kind of topics do they invite, or tell people to go see? Who marches alongside them at protests? What do they say behind the scenes, as opposed to the public PR-version of their views & activities?  Google the names, and let us know.

MSA-USA is not a Western-friendly organization, and past members are amongst the radical Islamic community, cheering on terror, Islamic supremacism over others, lawfare, and soft-jihad. MSA-Canada stands guilty therefore, until they can show they share none of the same outlook, activities, sorts of graduates, and supremacist attitudes of their parent organization. Be ready for charges that you are a bigot, racial profiler, Islamophobe, or hate-monger when you look for info, fact-check the MSA, or even in any minor way ask questions about who they are, what they are up to, and why the MSA-USA is so radical, and connected to the radical Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood, seeking the overthrow of the West.

(4) Don’t be fooled. Such soft-Jihad Islamic supremacism is not another thread in our multiculti tapestry and just another dish at our all-are-welcome pot-luck supper. It’s rather more like a kind of inverted Swiss Cheese, where the holes seek to grow ever larger and larger, and finally replace the cheese. We non-Muslims are infidels, dirty and impure kuffar, fit only for subjection to sharia with heavy taxation, or conversion, in the eyes of Islamist supremacists. To radical Islam, McGill is a field of conquest, not an equal-opportunity field of learning, upholding Western principles, scholarship, and freedoms.

Of course, if political correctness and anti-Westernism had not already swept clean a lot of our universities and left them spiritually and intellectually desolate, we’d not see such push-overs when radical Islam comes a-knocking– at first polite, then more and more insistent, then as the makers of the new rules in the new game.

As for those who label and slander David Horowitz or Robert Spencer or Tarek Fatah or Salim Mansour as hateful and ignorant– so what? I want to know if what they say militant Muslims and the Koran and Muhammad said is true or not, believed by radicalized Muslims or not. Attacking the person doesn’t disprove the facts.


Next Time; More on the MSA, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Cross-posted over at Canucki Jihad.

6 Responses to “Stealth Jihad U: The MSA-Canada”

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  2. Rose Says:

    Now that I converted to Islam, I can safely critize those that are a danger to our society the Political and Radical Islamist are equally dangerous to our civilization and must be stopped.

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