They’re He-e-ere….

January 7, 2009

Toronto cops protect banned Muslim terrorist group: video

Is it possible to disagree with what Israel is doing in Gaza? Of course. Is it reasonable to do so (a) featuring the flags of and anti-semitic and (b) illegal terror-group?

Apparently not.

This would indicate that we’ve got Jihadists and Jihad-supporters and open anti-semites here in Canada, ready to come out of the woodwork when the right circumstances arise.

And the sensitivity-trained police? Respecting diversity. Spectators to illegal activities, hate-crime, and human rights abuse right in front of them.

Of course, it helped when fearless Ontario Human Rights Commissioner Barbara hall flung herself bodily into the fray to defend freedom and moderation. Her funeral is next week.

More than that, instead of respecting the right of others to protest, we get threats, shoving, and the kind of nastiness we’ve seen more than once in many places when Islamist supremacists get their hate on,and come out of the dark to play.

Hizb’allah In Toronto

~ Saith The Shaidle:Muslims out of Toronto!” (UPDATED with Mark Steyn stuff + “Best Comeback to Sid Ryan Evar”; Ron Rosenbaum: “Comparing Hamas to Hitler is an insult to Nazis.” ~

The anti-semite Jihadist cadres are here in Canada. Most of the time, they keep quiet, spreading their ideology, their hate, their Jew & Israel hating, their desire to establish sharia over North American society, Muslim or not. ~


lb-hezbHate, Kill, Death To Jews

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