January 13, 2009


~ NOBODY LIKES BAD NEWS, unless it’s for somebody else. Added to that, we tend to hear only what we want to hear.

The bad news is, the Jihadis and Sharia Supremacists are in Canada; they are organized; they are pumping money and support to international terror; Ottawa is infiltrated; and some of the alphabet-soup of official Muslim groups are fronting for it, and supporting anti-Canadian extremism. Read Kathy Shaidle’s recent “Canada vs. Radical Islam“.

Anti-Israel rally – Toronto – 2009-01-10

The outbreak of Jew-hating protests, Hizbollah and Hamas flags, and general ugliness in the middle of Canadian cities over the past two weeks is a wake-up call. They are already here. They hate the West– though they enjoy the comforts– and they think sharia and soft-jihad are really rather fine things.


As we noted last time, Montreal is a hotbed. Former CSIS expert David B. Harris wrote an article last Fall: “Report from the Northern Front: Montreal Redux.” Read the whole thing.

Mr. Harris has also fought for Canadian freedoms by fighting back against the recent attempt to allow sharia law in Ontario, so that we would have two legal systems in Canada’s most populous province; two standards of right and wrong, with women at a severe disadvantage. Read “CAIR loses yet again,” and also “Statement by David B. Harris on dismissal of CAIR-CAN lawsuit.”

This pre-Steyn lawfare may have not caught our attention, but as you look back over the past decade with the awareness that Islamic extremists are here and have been active for a while, it all begins to jump into sharper focus.. seemingly separate elements begin to show their connections.

Comfy & Cosy & Cuddly

Why are we become such a delightful terror-haven? Read “Canada turns into terrorist haven; terrorists have been streaming into Canada because of highly permissive immigration policies and lax laws that allow them to raise money for extremist organizations.”

Wake up. Bad news. Canada is fully involved in the Jihad, soft and otherwise.

The New Despotic Party


I mentioned Ottawa– can you say Taliban Jack? Read “Former CSIS man explains Islamic infiltration of Canadian politics.” The good folk at Point De Bascules had a conference last October that basically exposed the situation, and allowed moderate Muslims Tarek Fatah, Salim Mansour, and Pakistani-Canadian Raheel Raza to talk plainly about what was happening. On the NDP, Fatah said:

“But slowly, I saw the Party open its doors to Islamists – first under [former NDP leader] Alexa McDonough, when supporters of Hamas and Hezbollah managed to join her personal legislative staff; and later, under [current leader] Jack Layton, when the doors were flung open. One Hezbollah supporter even managed to become the Ontario NDP’s vice president.”

Much of our chattering classes and academic elites are not on our side. One need think only of a certain Ryerson Journalism Professor, who spent a lot of time recently defending the Mohammed Elmasry’s recent lawfare against MacLeans Magazine and Mark Steyn, and even parroting the talking-points. The irrational left has aligned itself with the irrational Islamists, and other enemies of the West.

This is Soft Jihad 2.0– where Western Eurabia is now at stage 6.0 or 7.0– the friendly infiltration of institutions and positions of influence in the name of multiculturalism. This succeeds in two ways: it isolates non-radical Muslims as ‘non-representative’, and it implicates government and politics in supporting or at least not opposing the aims and goals of Hamas or Hizballah or whomever– in reality, Iran, and The Muslim Brotherhood. Listen to this podcast audio interview with David Harris, via Right Or Wrong Radio.

What To Do?

(1) This is mostly below the media radar, and must be brought more into public awareness. Read, learn, pass on links, express your concern to elected officials, media, websites, and more.

(2) If you are an NDP supporter but a staunch Canadian, hold your party responsible and the local, provincial and national level. Use your voice to expose this conspiracy within your political party. Be prepared for some backlash. If you’re an NDP member who supports this sort of thing, you are a fool, playing with dynamite that will blow up in your own face first.

(3) Support websites and groups like Point De Bascules and others fighting back against lawfare, soft-Jihad, and sharia supremacism. We have busy enemy interests amidst us, seeking to overthrow our secular, pluralist, and democratic nations– as well as funnelling support back to wars and conflicts and extremism elsewhere.

(4) Call for immigration reform, to restrict an influx from extremist areas, and to deport people who openly and actively support terrorism, or the overthrow of Canadian laws and interests.

(5) Make more babies.

(6) If you are a person of faith, pray like crazy. Pray for our troops, leaders, media, bloggers, and all others, and our enemies– that their hearts may be turned, and strengthened to the good, the true, and the loving.

Denial is a luxury we can no longer afford. Passivity is surrender. We’ve welcomed and embraced people who hate us and want to submit our nation and erase Western civilization.



7 Responses to “Wormtongues”

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  2. m.e. Says:

    Great., I will be reading this one regularly…
    Finally, someone sees what is going on in Canada…

  3. Rose Says:

    There are some great links to read Binks, good stuff.

  4. savagenation Says:

    Wow. Tremendous site! I found you on five feet of fury. I’m gonna add you to my blogroll and give you a nice introduction.

    We are all in this fight together.

  5. Dave Says:

    Smokin’ website Bink-man, I shall be back regularly!

  6. Luke Says:

    Great job!!! I’ll be a regular visitor.

  7. patrus monk Says:

    Speak loudly and clearly your truths. Your voice will eventually be heard over the din of Canadian apathy.

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