Open Your Eyes And See

January 17, 2009

Canada: “Foreign anti-Semitic provocateurs flying terrorist flags


Go read Shaidle, first.

The evidence has been all around us for a couple of weeks. Jihadists and anti-Semites and militant Muslims are here. Normally, it’s hidden: hate spewed from Mosque pulpits, al-Jazeera retailing Jihadism and sharia via the satellite dishes, the Saudi-published literature. Nice and quiet multiculti tapestry, right? Not so much. It’s like a hidden cancer growing for decades without causing pain, bleeding or lumps. There are signs, but only for those willing to see and understand. There are none so blind as those who will not– who choose not– to see.

Ripe For The Picking?

This is not conspiracy theorism: we’re not interested in invisible possibilities versus what’s happening in front of our noses over and over again. Cartoon riots, Pope riots, Fitna riots, Gaza riots, and riots to be named later. The root is not ‘poverty’ or ‘alienation’ or any other liberal self-hating excuse-making– we’re dealing with an absolutist culture on steroids as promulgated by The Muslim Brotherhood, and they consider us weak, worthless, and eminently conquerable.

They are using both our strengths and weaknesses against us: our pity for the weak and needy and dispossessed, and our confusions about what constitutes the true and the good, and the spiritual roots of our secular society. We shouldn’t expect the same from our opponents: their various cultures and religious utlook are tribal, warlike, and largely pre-Medieval. Most of their home-regions are failed post-colonial states, dictatorships, civil war-zones, or hotbeds of crime and terrorism.

To folk from that background, the freedoms and principles and riches of North America and Europe seem like a fantasy-land, full with booty, ruled by silly and ghostly principles that make no sense. We’re like a continent of juicy Constantinoples, full of weak and unmanly cowards and infidels.

Apply, Lather, Rinse, Repeat

We’ve seen all this before: AD 630-750, then AD 900-1685; and AD 1923-2009. This latter Jihad is internet-ready, modern-armed, media-savvy, and highly motivated. It’s like the progressive Utopian cult: enthused, motivated, uncomplicated enough to be understood by anybody. Both hate classical Christianity, and seek to marginalize it internationally and at home, since the real Jesus undercuts the claims of both Leviathan and Muhammed.

The Islamist street-protests and implicit threat of violence is useful for intimidating the populace, the media and elites, and the ruling class. The real threat, as we’ve noted before, is the infiltration of government, education, the NGO culture, and the national conversation by sharia supremicism, and cover-groups for radical Islam.

The velvet glove hides an iron fist, and as Islam grows more triumphant, the intimidation, no-go zones, giant mosques, political violence and second-class status for democracy and non-Muslims ensues. Watch Britain, France, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden: the future is now. Remember: once the land is claimed in the name of militant Islam, it properly belongs to them. The actually moderate Muslims who are glad for Canada are regarded as compromised and worse than infidels.

Open Your Eyes and Ears

Watch the protests, and understand. If you’re near a protest, head out and shout back. Report, take pictures, film, names, and document this ugly moment and threat to democracy, using our own society and principles against us as a weapon. Just because most of the time it’s undercover doesn’t mean we’re not in trouble.

Want to join the counter-jihad? Go and Google the following terms: Canada Hamas; or Canada Hizballah; or Canada Jihad. Go ahead, we dares ya. Then send us what you find.

The war is here, in peaceable Canada.


3 Responses to “Open Your Eyes And See”

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  2. Rose Says:

    Here’s a video that summerizes the hatetest rallies across the US. I do not believe the Islamofascists and their supporters are creating spontanious rallies, the stench of MEeaster influence is strong.

    The MSM won’t even report the rise in anti-semetic hate why?

    Link to video:

    Now I’m off to google your request.

  3. Roger Says:

    I can’t believe the Gay rainbow flag I saw at one Pro-Hamas rally.
    Are these people so stupid that they never heard of the gay murders in public when Hamas outs them , gays are killed in a grusome fashion as the Muslims praise Allah because the Quran orders them to do it as a favourfor islam.

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