Islami-Scammer To Vancouver

January 19, 2009

jpg_tariq_ramadan-600-c74d6-6fdf4Get Your Tariq On!

Blogger Robert Jago plays spot the soft-jihadi.

Nothing better than having a hardcore soft-Jihadist with academic cred and newspeak, to boot. Have your cake and eat it, too! So you can invite the guy, and he will say one thing to whitey, and the desired thing to your Muslim audience. Sell a few books, radicalize a few folks— all to the good. Such a nice man!

By Their Fruits, Ye Shall Know Them

Except.. not so fast. “He is Islamist royalty – his maternal grandfather, Hasan al-Banna, founded the Muslim Brotherhood”; and Daniel Pipes continues:

  • He has praised the brutal Islamist policies of the Sudanese politician Hassan Al-Turabi. Mr. Turabi in turn called Mr. Ramadan the “future of Islam.”
  • Mr. Ramadan was banned from entering France in 1996 on suspicion of having links with an Algerian Islamist who had recently initiated a terrorist campaign in Paris.
  • Ahmed Brahim, an Algerian indicted for Al-Qaeda activities, had “routine contacts” with Mr. Ramadan, according to a Spanish judge (Baltasar Garzón) in 1999.
  • Djamel Beghal, leader of a group accused of planning to attack the American embassy in Paris, stated in his 2001 trial that he had studied with Mr. Ramadan.
  • Along with nearly all Islamists, Mr. Ramadan has denied that there is “any certain proof” that Bin Laden was behind 9/11.
  • He publicly refers to the Islamist atrocities of 9/11, Bali, and Madrid as “interventions,” minimizing them to the point of near-endorsement.
  • Intelligence agencies suspect that Mr. Ramadan (along with his brother Hani) coordinated a meeting at the Hôtel Penta in Geneva for Ayman al-Zawahiri, deputy head of Al-Qaeda, and Omar Abdel Rahman, the blind sheikh, now in a Minnesota prison.
  • Mr. Ramadan’s address appears in a register of Al Taqwa Bank, an organization the State Department accuses of supporting Islamist terrorism.

Pipes also has written himself on the man:

  • Tariq Ramadan, the Chicago Tribune, and Me.” Provides a running account of my disputes with Ramadan, many of them concerning the Chicago Tribune, but some not, in the period August-December 2004.
  • Tariq Ramadan Gives Up – Then Tries Again.” Picks up the issue of Ramadan’s U.S. visa in December 2004 and follows him as he alternately stops trying to get into the United States, then legally challenges his exclusion.
  • Tariq Ramadan Exposed.” Looks at Ramadan’s little problem at with the truth involving the Italian magazine Panorama.
  • Is Tariq Ramadan Lying [about Magdi Allam]?” dissects Ramadan’s strange accusation against me and finds that, “as so often is the case with Islamists and other totalitarians, the accuser himself stands accused.”

Well, Well, Well

Sad to say, that means the sponsors are idiots and/or shariaphile jihadists. The BC Muslims’ Website may just be the town-crier, but it’s hard to imagine the people involved didn’t know who and what they were sponsoring. The venue? The Simon Fraser University Segal Graduate School of Business. The auld clan Fraser would have smelt this guy as a rat a long way off.

Here’s Christopher Hitchens on Mr. Ramadan. There’s even a book on the man.


Conclusion? His words and deeds stink to high heaven, has very bad friends, and says very jihadist things when off the record. Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck.

The following are links of interest and background on the Vancouver ‘special speaker’. Perhaps some of youse out there might like to look in on said event? Pictures? Unpleasant questions? A little protest?



Speak Softy, And With A Forked Tongue

~ WORMTONGUE-WATCH: Tariq Ramadan to speak in Vancouver — Via the BC Muslims’ Website– says Jago “The debate that Ramadan provokes among non-Muslims is mostly about his so-called ‘forked-tongue’ – i.e. his apparent habit of saying one thing to western listeners, and another to Muslims. Here Christopher Hitchens discusses Ramadan and some of his other provocative acts”. Dude even has a bad enough reputaton that there’s even a book: “Brother Tariq: The Doublespeak of Tariq Ramadan” by Caroline Fourest …. (Various)

~ TARIQ LINK 1— Tariq Ramadan’s Two-Faced Islam. The West Is the Land of Conquest …. (JiWa)

~ TARIQ LINK 2— Dhimmi Watch: Tariq Ramadan Exposed …. (JiWa)

~ TARIQ LINK 3— Why Revoke Tariq Ramadan’s U.S. Visa? :: Daniel Pipes …. (danielpipes)

~ THE TARIQSTER’S own website …. (tariqramadan)

~ LOTS MORE Robert Spencer links on Tariq Ramadan …. (Gooble)

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    Apart from the Fourest book, the best dissection/take down of Ramadan I’ve read is Paul Berman’s “Who’s Afraid of Tarik Ramadan”:

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