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January 20, 2009

...And Canuckistan, Too

~ CONNECTING THE DOTS ISN’T HARD— bothering to look at what’s often right in front of us is the hard part. So when Robert Jago let Canada know that Islami-scammer Tariq Ramadan was headed to Vancouver to spread his special brand of soft-jihad charm and ‘moderation’, we blogged on it. Fellow CanBlogger Scaramouche says “Apart from the Fourest book, the best dissection/take down of Ramadan I’ve read is Paul Berman’s “Who’s Afraid of Tarik Ramadan?

There you are, and please enjoy.

On The Map

So in addition to Islamical hotspots like Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary, now  it looks like Vancouver has some goings on going on.

It turns out that Simon Fraser University has a very active branch of the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Muslim Student’s Association (or MSA). The MSA is radical Islamism’s Campus Club.  The friendly face of the intended conquest and submitting of the West under sharia law and Islamic rule.

Oddly enough, the SFU-MAS seems to have no lack of webpages. Dunno what’s with that: lots of ways to get your Jihad on, maybe? The SFU MSA are likely happy about the coming of stealth-Tariq. No doubt any other Islamist groups busy in BC would agree.

Pants On Fire, Tariq?

Sad to say, lots of well-meaning Canadians will look on the nice Mr. Ramadan as a good thing, a ‘moderate™’ of the type we want in modern society, to counter the bad scary Muslims who seem bent on killing people and saying ugly things. Except– if all his critics are even half right, Mr. Ramadan is actually a two-track Muslim: deploying fine phrases and religiously-approved lying and half-truth (or taqqiyya) to the plebs, and then all the other things he says and does behind the scenes, or to radical Muslim audiences.

That means he’s not one of the good Muslims at all. That also means his sponsors and fans in Vancouver are (1) unable to Google his actual views; or (2) happy with all of his views. Uninformed? Or radical? Clueless? Or Jihadi?


Going Viral In Canada

So it very much appears that a part of the Vancouver and Simon Fraser University Muslim community are inviting a bad man to speak at a Canadian university, whose entire life is devoted to acceptable deception and sharia-supremacism, and working with other radical muslims towards destroying the freedoms, institutions and principles which he enjoys in the West. Tariq Ramadan is like a computer virus hidden inside an e-mail or or file or image or on a website. It operates away behind the scenes according to the interior code and intent of the hacker.

The thing is: he’s here to spread his viral influence and ideas in our good land of Canada. He’s no moderate, nor a man to be trusted by moderate Muslims or those who would seek a true unity and cooperation and equality in Canada. His coming is a threat, a shame, and something to be exposed for what it is: Jihad– however cloaked, smooth, and erudite.

Canada is ours to lose: Tariq would like to help us lose it.



10 Responses to “More Tariqness”

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  2. Josephine Says:

    Tariq Ramadan gave a lecture at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo in November.

    WLU is presenting a series of lectures on Islam and Human Rights:

    “…Dr. Rhoda Howard-Hassmann, Canada Research Chair in International Human Rights at Laurier…

    “Dr. Howard-Hassmann is bringing Dr. Ramadan to Laurier as part of the Islam and Human Rights lecture series sponsored through her Canada Research Chair in International Human Rights. Dr. Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na’im spoke at Laurier in October…”

    (No word on whether they’ll hear from any non-Muslims who have fled persecution in Muslim countries.)

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  4. I translated in French and posted on Point de Bascule (with additional pictures). Mr. Ramadan has a large following in Montreal. It’s nice to know that you guys are also working to raise awareness about his agenda.

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  7. […] seems apposite with regard to Ramadan. His technique and influence are succinctly described on the Canucki Jihad website: “Tariq Ramadan is like a virus hidden inside an email.” And we have been infected. On […]

  8. […] seems apposite with regard to Ramadan. His technique and influence are succinctly described on the Canucki Jihad [23] website: “Tariq Ramadan is like a virus hidden inside an email.” And we have been […]

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