Sharia Separatism In Canuckistan

January 22, 2009


Sisters? Swimming! Awww.

How nice that siblings can get some pool-time together, eh wot? Huh? Sorry… the heck, you say… It means what-now?!?

A New Civil Rights War?

After the media-gasm over Obama– first black prez and such legitimately good stuff, whatever his flawed character, goals, and friends– and all that Civil Rights remembrance, we’re stupidly blinded by liberal geezers remembering their glory days from seeing racism and discrimination right in front of us. Saddest of all, they’ve co-oped the hijacked rights-language of the Civil Rights battles as stolen by same-sex agitators.

White & Black drinking fountains? Pah! Amateur! How’s about Islamist and infidel swim-times at public pools? Get to the back of the bus, infidel!

Welcome to the New Canada

~ DIRTY, HORNY CANADIAN KUFFARS! — “The [Simon Fraser University] MSA is proud to present the Muslim sister’s swimming activity organized in collaboration with MSA-UBC. The privacy of sisters is guaranteed so come join us in this fun activity” .. (MSA-SFU)

Aside from the extra booths and recipes at Folkfest, you have to remember that for radical Muslims, Jews and Christians and non-believers are literally unclean: kuffars. Imagine a rotting corpse, plus the stuff at the back-forty of the fridge, covered with cooties and evil-sauce. That’s what we all are.

So why would you want to swim in a pool with sewage? Thus sharified Muslim women in various locales have required infidel-free swimming times in public and institutional swimming pools. Pam Geller at Atlas Shrugs blogged a while back about this at Harvard U. — An exercise in discrimination at Harvard— that is, some students are more equal than others. Some tuition-fees include special treatment, extra rules, and set-aside swimming times, special diets, and worship-spaces.


Privates Swimming

Said Muslim women also mut wear ‘modest garb’, since according to the bizarre and dehumanizing teaching of some Muslim scholars, the entirety of a woman is actually the same as a her sexual organs. She’s naught but a walking vagina, dontcha know. Remember: Islam is the most enlightened creed.

Of course, hardcore Muslims are free in this society to believe and act according to their beliefs– where those don’t conflict with the laws of the land, the institutions, and natural justice.  Want a kuffar-free religiously correct pool? Fill your boots– build your own frickin’ PRIVATE kuffar-free pool, without public money, or tuitions, or taxes.  Don’t hijack things presuming sharia law and Islamic supremacism, and demand ever and ever more hyper-equality at the expense– with utter contempt– of the people whose taxes and ancestors built everything in the West.

…Imagine a rotting corpse,

plus the stuff at the back-forty of the fridge,

covered with cooties and evil-sauce.

That’s what we all are…

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Of course, this is Canuckistan, so whilst similar cases in England and the U.S. received lots of attention, up here, it’s a conspiracy of silence. However, the principle of establishing sharia-zones in Canada– whether physical neighbourhoods, or special-treatment use of public facilities– is all part of the intimidation and soft-Jihad principle of ‘steal it, then own it’. Sharia-swimming? Victory. Obedient & accommodating university officials? Victory. Dominating a space and time in the face of the infidels, in one of their very own temples of infidelism? Victory.

Imagine the reaction (and news-coverage) if Jews or evangelical Christians or Catholics demanded a Muslim-free or non-infidel swim-time at public facilities. Or the Aryan Nation demanded darkie & Jew-free splash-about times. Imagine.. imagine.. got it? You just broke your diversity-filter, and saw some truth, there. All religions are equal, especially militant Islam. Equality? No discrimination on race or gender? Sorry, that’s Judaeo-Christian– that’s the Book Of Genesis, and St. Paul,  respectively.

Of course, the fact that we Kuffars are considered filthy, evil, horny, and cootified? Get used to it– the Jihad is here. Unless you’re willing to resist, protest, get informed, get the books, and donate, you have one choice.. after all, ‘Islam’ means ‘Submit!’ and the radicals are dedicated, and pushing hard on our freedoms, property, and future.


Your To-Do List

1. Want to be a Binky Corps Researcher? Go and Google your heart out looking for Sister’s Swimming In Canuckistan. It’s probably hugely prevalent, but we’re too smug and stupid to pay attention.

2. Find out about similar special discrimination atyour local or provincial pools nad Universities and other public facilities.

3. Protest that all Canadians are equal, male and female, no matter their creed, and special rules are bigotry. Demand accountability from public officials.  Be ready to be called a bigot, hater, Islamophobe (and, behind your back, uppity negro Kuffar).

4. Report back via comments all comments are read, laughed at, and tossed out taken seriously and responded to or posed where appropriate.

5. Note the groups and folks who sponsor such events. They may just be super-observant, but most likely they’re sharia-supremacists and soft-jihadists, who’d like all of Canada under religious law, with two classes of citizens.

Canuckistan: it’s ours to lose.


4 Responses to “Sharia Separatism In Canuckistan”

  1. Pesky Pundit Says:

    Sister’s Swimming?

    What is the possessive apostrophe for? If a sister is swimming, does that sister’s swimming consitute a reason for developing a poster? Hmm…

    Literacy ain’t what it used to be, nor is it as common as it used to be.

  2. Hello Binks,
    Message heard, translated and broadcasted in French for our Quebec (and, of course, worldwide francophone) audience:

  3. […] DIRTY, HORNY CANADIAN KUFFARS! — MSA is proud to present the Muslim sister’s swimming activity organized in […]

  4. […] and Canada? We’ve got another Islamo-fascist hotbed identified, alongside the others across the country. YorkU has the Islamo-Zombie virus, whether they are all spewing online, or only sharia-pushers, […]

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