Soft-Jihadis: The “Canadian Arab Federation”

January 23, 2009


~ VIA BLAZING CATFUR: “From the Canadian Arab Federation “Gaza Bulletin” – What A Surprise, More Jew- Hatin links”.

Know Your Jihadis!

You Freespeechers might remember the lovely & talented CAF: they were part of the Sock Puppet Coalition (early on, at least, before the heat got hot) and appeared alongside the Elmasry Kidz at that Ryerson presentation.

Photo: Mike Brock

Them Thar Muzzle-Ems

Remember when? The lawsuit against Steyn via MacLean’s was getting heated up– then the web fight-back really started.. then the Sock Puppets (led by self-mumbler Khurrum Awan) called red alert, and the moonbats gathered: the CAF, Sock Puppets, Ryerson Students, and a lefty union. Actually, Khaled Loutfi Mouammar, National President of the Canadian Arab Federationwas the featured speaker, as a head cheerleader of the self-pity ‘whitey is keeping us down’ brigade.

Mr. Khaled Loutfi Mouammar & his CAF unreservedly support ‘Palestine’ (these days, the hard-Jihad terror-mafia known as Hamas); don’t like Jews or JewLand; and thus are jihad-supporters. Missiles? Murder? Suicide bombers? Kidnap? War? All good! Stop the Zionist atrocities! We searched their site in vain for any condemnation of the Hamas hit-squads, busy knee-capping and disappearing Fatah members and other deadwood over the past month. Joooos did it, dontcha know.

Softly, Softly: Stealth Jihad

Whether the CAF support violent or soft-jihad is irrelevant, really. One of the alleged good things about Tariq Ramadan is that he opposes violence– i.e. jihad and sharia supremacism spreads best slowly and subtly. That’s a good thing, right? He’s, like, totally a raging moderate! No violence! Wooo! He doesn’t want to hurt us! Let’s give him a prize!

That the CAFfers are supporters of muzzling free speech, criticism or concerns about Islamism and Jihad, and took part in an anti-Steyn event makes clear they are fans of lawfare, speech-chill, and special treatment in the West for Islam as they define it. Thus, barring a major change in leadership and direction, should things get more Netherlandy or Britistaned in Canada and North America, they’re on the side of Mordor, not the West. They’d also have no use for moderate or critical Muslims like Fatah, Mansour, Maji, Ayaan Ali, or Darwish.

They’d also consider Canadian liberal fascists like Barbara Hall, Richard Warman, and international embarrassment Jennifer Lynch to be most welcome useful idiots in the cause of subverting the West, and silencing critics and opponents of liberal or Islamic fascism.

I Want My Hate-TVeee!

m_eviltvOn their news-page, they whinge about not getting easy access to Jihad-TV: Why can’t Canadians watch Al Jazeera? Cuz it’s hate-TV, supports all the bad guys, and all forms of jihad and sharia-supremacism, that’s why, you twits. Unless you’re also in favour of Israeli/ Zionist-TV channels being widely broadcast throughout the Islamic world. Tit for tat, wot?

The CAF are clearly bad-guys in the free-speech and jihad-wars. You can predict verbatim what they’d say about Geert Wilders, for example– unless we’re very much mistaken. If anybody wants to direct us to their website resources in support of Wilders, Ayaan Ali, Van Gogh and others, we’ll gladly link, and unreservedly apologize and retract our remarks.

What To Do, What To Do?

  1. So, Binks-Corps: what do we know about the CAF & Mr. Mouammar? Pass on the links & news in the comments, or via e-mail to me if you wish to remain confidential. binks.webelf -at- Been at this for years ‘n’ years, and have buried more important secrets and confidential info than you might imagine.
  2. What are the connections between the CAF and other Islamist groups? Offshore people & causes? Financing?
  3. Anything else that seems of relevance.
  4. You religious types, say them prayers: confusion to the enemies of God & good things!

Canuckistan: it’s ours to lose. Get your Google on and let’s pull these guys’ pants down.


3 Responses to “Soft-Jihadis: The “Canadian Arab Federation””

  1. m.e. Says:

    This is shocking…I watch lots of tv…news programs…seldom ads but last night on ctv, Flashpoint …an ad caught my eye…

    Subliminal advertising???? Maxwell House Coffee…then some quick print and the message I took away was Arabic Good…

    I watched for it to return and so now my goal is to watch ads and see what other ones have this same message…
    P>S> ( I studied some of this type of thing years ago in some grad work and my observation skills are above average)

  2. […] Soft-Jihadis: The “Canadian Arab Federation” […]

  3. […] is sincere, just like Mohamed Elasry, Khaled Loufti Mouammar, Syed Soharwardy, Tariq Ramadan, Aly Hindy, Mohammed Boudjenane, The Muslim Student’s […]

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