CanJihad Is Go!

January 24, 2009


Smells Like Hate

The other day we blogged about the Canadian Arab Federation. Remember: unlike liberals and jihadists, we here at CJ admit we could be terribly, terribly wrong on almost everything we say, It’s a fact, evidence, connections thing.

Looks like our take on the pro-Jihad, pro-terror CAJ isn’t entirely wrongheaded, if the following is anything to go by.

Writes sinister Jew-blogger Scaramouche:

“Go, jihadis!: The Canadian Arab Federation’s Mohammed Boudjenane makes no bones about it—he’s a big fan of Hamas, and he thinks Canadians should be, too.”

Thanks for coming out from behind the women and children, guys.. and the usual moderate baffle-gab.

Fair & Balanced

evilstamp21We will gladly post the CAJ’s public repudiation of Mr. Boudjenane’s views and remarks as unrepresentative of the fluffy kittens & cuddle-bunnies official position of the moderate CAJ. That, and Obama’s upcoming apology for faking it through the 2008 Election.

In all seriousness, to cheer Jew-hating Israel-threatening Hamas is, implicitly, to greenlight all they say and do. Kneecapping Fatah; using kids & women as human shields; lying and exaggerating to the media; cooperating with Iran and other terror-supporting nations and groups; launching missiles and storing weapons in or beside civilian areas and buildings. All of it.

You, Mr. Mohammed Boudjenane, are a jihadist scumbag, and a traitor to all that Canada stands for, and is fighting for.  The CAJ stands guilty, convicted by not unreservedly rejecting your disgusting and sub-human ideology, and firing you as Executive Director.

But wait! There’s more!! It gets worse: this guy (an NDipper, naturally) is a poster-boy for the stealth-jihadi agenda, and is fully entangled in all the usual places and groups. Says the Wiki:

“Boudjenane’s work in the area of anti-racism, civil liberties and human rights has included memberships on the Toronto Chief of Police’s Advisory Council and the executive of the National Antiracism Canadian Coalition. He has made public presentations to the Arar public enquiry, and to federal parliamentary committees examining Bill c36, the anti-terrorism legislation. He continues to be invited by international organizations, such as the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), to speak on issues related to Islamophobia and hate-crimes.”

Any questions?

A Final Crucial Point

With such groups and individuals, it’s as important to reasonably note what they don’t say and do, as much as what the actually say and do. These folks won’t be springing to defend Geert Wilders, or protest UK no-go zones, or Canadian Islamic polygamy. Were Canada to become a semi-shariafied state, you’d not likely find the CAJ or Mr. B pushing back against the spread of theocracy versus democracy in our country, or laying down their lives to defend Canadian Jews, moderate Muslims, Christian freedoms, or people even mildly critical of the facts, history, and doctrines  of Islam.

Like good old Tariq Ramadamadingdong, we’re dealing with a very sophisticated radicalism here, worthy of  NDP soft-communism, same-sex activists, feminist radicals, or hard-left academics. We’ve been there, done this in the West, over the past 50 years and more. It’s beyond sad that even otherwise sensible conservatives don’t see the similarities between the ways and means of liberal fascism, and the modus operandi of Islamic fascism.

Thanks again, Mohammed Boudjenane, for publicly standing up for evil, so we can make special mention of you, and your group.


4 Responses to “CanJihad Is Go!”

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