The CIC Soft-Jihad

January 24, 2009


~ EGYPTIAN-BORN Mohammed Elmasry has been a proud Jew/ Israel hating soft-Jihadi on the Canadian scene for years. His recent proxy lawfare against Mark Steyn and Canadian free speech would make the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood rather proud: no bombs, just chilling infidel free speech in their dirty infidel society.

Some Elmasry wannabe-lady apparently just took over from him, officially speaking, but it all sounds the same. These guys are pure soft-Jihad sharia-supremacist running dog lackeys of the Caliphate. Just go read the site for yourself, and Elmasry’s screeds dating back several years.

He’d be the guy who got called out and caught out on what he actually believes a few years ago, on TV. He ‘apologized’ (but refused to step down), and kept on keeping on with his usual nasty, including the whole MacLean’s lawsuit thing.

Like our CBC talking heads, the CIC-ites consider ‘balance’ to be a range of people who all agree with them. We could write the screeds ourselves, except that we’re not into vomiting such propaganda– so the following is actual BALANCE to their Palestinianism:

~ PASSING ON THE HATE & LIES— ” Today’s spin–heartless Jews murder the innocent: In its weekly Friday digest, the Canadian Islamic Congress posts this report, from UK rag The Guardian, about the immense loss of life in Gaza, much of it comprised of children”; War Is Deceit: Gaza doc says Palestinian death toll inflated.. (Scaramouche, JiWa)

And via the Islamophobes at the wonderful Point De Bascules, speeches from their conference last Fall featuring actually moderate Canadian Muslims, who are glad to live in this country, and don’t see it as their higher calling to enslave us all under sharia and Islamist rule.

Of course, the CICites would consider such folks traitors. All the better, and well done, then! Enjoy:

Salim Mansur

Tarek Fatah

Raheel Raza

3 Responses to “The CIC Soft-Jihad”

  1. creeping Says:

    welcome to the fight…

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