Short & Sweet

January 26, 2009

Dear Binky Corps & Minions:

By their books, you shall know them– Saudi Textbooks Incite Hatred & Violence against non-Muslims Dr. Sami Alrabaa.

Here’s the question I need some of you to answer for me:

  1. What books are currently in use in Islamic schools and kid’s education in mosques?
  2. Where are they published?
  3. What do they teach? About Islam, other religions, Jews, the West, women, same-sex behaviour? Quotes, page-numbers, authors, dates, publishers, the whole deal.

You have your orders: let’s get some.



Saudi Family Values

UPDATE: Oddly enough, the above photo has excited more Muslim comment than the actual text of this or any other posting. It appears to be a model or display of some sort about stoning, not an actual stoning itself. Which raises the question: are the commenters also denying the reality of harsh religious punishments, including stoning, in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere? That rigorist Islam is not actually fond of violent punishment not only for crimes, but sins? It`s easy enough to Google `stoning, Islam` and see gory pictures, mostly of women, battered to death in such ways– and presumably not by their fellow Anglicans.


47 Responses to “Short & Sweet”

  1. m.e. Says:

    All this is the responsibility of the Education Department in each provincial government in Canada. Each province mandates the accepted texts, books, all curriculum…and…
    However, this is a joke as anyone knows because, especially in Ontario…this is not done. In most cases concerned parents keep tabs on it..however, in the immigrant type schools…duh…of course nobody checks…
    The provincial government needs to be held to account for this gross oversight in not monitoring and checking on these schools that all receive funding…even if no funding is accepted, there are still laws that govern the curriculum…even for home schooling type situations…however, because Ontario’s infrastructure has already been broken down in so many areas, I doubt if they bother…
    The Federal Government needs to put pressure on Provincial Departments and make accountability along with transfer payments be manditory.

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  3. m.e. Says:

    thank you happy to be considered extremist islamophobe…

  4. mohammed Says:

    My freind ..
    this woman in that pic isn’t saudi ?
    if you don’t sure about something why you wrote it ..?

    • binky Says:

      Yo, Mo:

      Stoning, beheading, hanging, and amputation are part of the Saudi legal code, right? The woman depicted with ‘Saudi Family Values’ underneath is being stoned, possibly other than in Saudi Arabia. If you’d like to present accurate depictions of Saudi justice in action, please send the pictures along.

      Further, how’s about addressing the main point of the article?

      Yours, Binks

      • danish Says:

        I dont see what you r trying to highlight here. dont u people roll heads in your country. dont u send people to electric chair? well that is how things are carried out in your place. why dont u post a pic of that here.

        Saith Binks– Danish Durrani:

        I’ve no idea what you’re talking about.

        Canada banned the death penalty in 1968. We don’t electrocute criminals nor hang them here.

        Perhaps you are thinking of some states in the U.S. Again, that’s not for infringing some religious law, being a homosexual, or converting to another religion– it’s for horrible crimes (like multiple murders), after due trial by judge & jury according to law, and conviction of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Even after a death sentence in the U.S., multiple challenges and appeals are possible, or pardons from the President or Governor of the state.

        Kind regards,


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  6. Elly Says:

    Wow. I’m suprised opinions like this still exist, and I’m even more suprised that it’s coming from Canada; this sounds like something that would come from the mouth of an ignorant, bible worshipping redneck from Texas. I’m not going to deny that Saudi’s judicial system is flawed at best, but you are judging an entire race, an entire religion and an entire culture based on the fact that you THINK that they dont teach children about same-sex relationships and Jews? Or that they have the death penalty? Whether or not you agree with the death penalty (and I don’t), “the West” is as culpable as Saudi. As a white Canadian born and raised in Ottawa I’m ashamed to share the same nation with you. Some of my closest friends are from Saudi Arabia, because each one of them is a hundred times more respectful, more honest, more decent, more loyal and more intelligent than any white person I have ever met. So whatever they are teaching them over there, they shouldn’t stop.

    • Natasha Says:

      I’m shocked too — that in 2009, in any nation on this planet, beheadings, stonings and such go on. FYI — there is no judgment here on a “race” of people. Islam is not a race; it is a religion. There is only one “race” on this planet — the human race. But Islam is the ONLY religion that, to this day, still promotes such barbaric practices.

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  8. Gee, Binks, I don’t think Elly wants to be your Facebook friend. You’re one of those people “over there”.

  9. doctorse Says:

    first this women is not saudi
    second , this picture is not real but it is made by photo shop
    third , this matter , that this bad man who want just to make people think islam is bad , is a punish for any women or man who is married and make sex with foriegn partner who is not his husband or wife , meant cheating , so if a woman cheat her husband or man cheat his wife this is the punishment for this work as at muslims , their women is important than their life and the women value in islam is a big value , a lot of wars made cause of one woman that was naked by a romanian man , this accident lead for a war, a war for a woman , yes in islam a war may launch for a muslim woman who may be stroke
    i want you to accept my apologize for my bad english but i just want to make u know that muslim women have a great value in muslims’ community . she is my mother the most lovely person to me , and my wife the woman that i feel happy with , she is my sister , my aunt…etc

  10. iddddd Says:

    i hope you diiiiieeeee i see a 6 years old girl got raped in germany a christian country for some days i see in tv how a american kid kills his family with knifefuck bible evil christian barbars

  11. Wife of Saudi Says:

    I was raised in a lovely Christian home. I converted to Islam 9 years ago and I finally feel the religion is for me. I am married to a Saudi and he has more respect for me than anyone could ever image. In Islam women are the diamond and the man will do everything in his power to make sure it is safe,happy,loved and so on. It is sad that American people have actually taken the word of the media and believed it. You can judge and criticize but at the end of the day you are you if you don’t like the law stop looking into it. America as well as other countries have so many killings and women killing their children. I am not saying it doesn’t happen in Saudi but if it does they will never have a chance to do it again that is why the crime rate is so much lower.

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  13. Mossy Says:

    I’m a revert to Islam myself, I live in Saudi Arabia, and I’ll be very honest…Saudi Arabia and the people here are no example of what Muslims, or, an Islamic state should be…my work has let me travel to many places across the world, and I find metropolitan south-east asians, followed by Metro North-Americans to be the best in their manner and have open and broad minds…BTW the pic may not be real, but living here I know this is one of the sentences handed out here to convicts…

  14. Igor Prawn Says:

    While it’s true that death by stoning is a commonly-used punishment for certain crimes in SA, this photo doesn’t look real – the woman appears to have been cut and pasted into it, the red colouring looks false, and her expression doesn’t match the degree of injury she’s supposedly suffered.

  15. b2 Says:

    but the pic not soudi-woman
    This image of a woman persa
    Do not confuse things
    soudi-woman Impossible to reveal their faces at all costs
    I hope that you correct information

  16. saudi girl Says:

    i Laugh a lot when i Read your articles
    West writes a lot about Saudi women and make Saudi women oppressed and suffering and waiting for hand to help her ( oh pleas help help hellllllllllp me hahahaha)
    I’m a Saudi girl free happy and live a luxurious life and rich too
    Stop your stupid articles and come to Saudi Arabia to know how men treat women as diamond
    help your self first !!!!!

  17. saudi girl Says:

    i Laugh a lot when i Read your articles
    West writes a lot about Saudi women and make Saudi women oppressed and suffering and waiting for hand to help her ( oh pleas help help hellllllllllp me hahahaha)
    I’m a Saudi girl free happy and live a luxurious life and rich too
    Stop your stupid articles and come to Saudi Arabia to know how men treat women as diamond
    help yourself first

    • PRAMOD Says:

      fucking saudi gal u wont realise now ..u ll realise if ur own daughter is stoned in future..DONT BARK AND JUMP TOO MUCH..MUSLIMS ARE CRUEL AND MURDERERS THAT FACT WHOLE WORLD KNOWS..ONCE U RUN OUT OF UR OIL U LL BECOME THE DUST OF OUR FEET!! HAHAHAHAHAH

      • makhana Says:

        This is for Mr. PRAMOD.
        Pramod you said that
        But let the whole world know that your religion(HINDUISM) PERMITS YOU TO BURN ALIVE YOUR WIDOWS,(SATI), AND YOU HAVE DIVIDED YOUR HINDU SOCIETY ON CASTE BASIS. PRAMOD R FROM UPPER OR LOWER CAST(JATI)because if you are from lower (JATI) U R untouvhable.
        dont u thin your religion is a MENACE TO THIS WORLD

        dear look at yourself before you comment

    • makhana Says:

      As I am a Muslim too, but i don”t think that women(even men) in Saudi Arabia enjoy sexual freedom, the picture above is a proof of this , If you are talking about luxurious and rich
      and do you have a single University or college in your country which permit both Men professors to teach female(women)

  18. Ali Says:

    Hi, I am muslim from Pakistan, Many comments here are seem to be apologetic, No muslim should be ashamed of Islam. This Stoning practice is barbaric, and I have no regrets accepting it as wrong. Every muslim must see that this practice only fuels hatred and hostility toward Islam. This below mentioned event will change concept of muslims regarding stoning.

    “In the time of Prophet, Two jews were sentenced stoning to death by prophet SAW, After stoning, Prophet’s close aide Umar was very quite, Prophet asked what happened Umar? Umar replied, The Jew man was trying to cover woman with his body, they were in love, He couldn’t save her, but he died before her”. When Prophet heared this, He too became quite, suddenly Ayat revealed “saying that in-order to prove zina, there must be four adult males as witness, who have great respect in society and have never lied, and they must have witnessed Zina(sexual intercourse) as close as inserting thread from pin hole.

    Second event,
    A Bedeuin woman was charged of Zina, she was pregnant, Prophet said first give birth to child, since he should not be punished for his mother’s sin, after sometime she gave birth to a son, She was again brought infront of prophet, prophet said “breastfeed the child for two years” and that execution never carried out.

    This examples easily suggest that Prophet first making criteria extremely difficult, secondly he prevented punishment of a beduin woman by delaying. After these incidents, Stoning was never carried out in the life of Prophet Muhammad, and four Caliphs after him. This Practice was started in 19th century by Arab traditionalist, in-order to rebel against Ottoman Empire.

    Hope this will give you guys better understanding about Islam

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  20. saudi girl Says:

    oh ,poor people you wish hahaha -_-
    even your comments make me laugh

    هُوَ الَّذِي أَرْسَلَ رَسُولَهُ بِالْهُدَى وَدِينِ الْحَقِّ لِيُظْهِرَهُ عَلَى الدِّينِ كُلِّهِ وَلَوْ كَرِهَ

    if you understand this arabic sentence you will cry alot

    • binky Says:

      Hey, Saudi Girl:

      I could write in gaelic and be all smug about it, too.. but your gaelic is probably worse than my arabic… the online translation renders that “Hu, who sent his Prophet “بالهدى religion of the right ليظهره on religion as a whole, even xenophobic”. Lemme guess: “Mo is boss, cuz Mo’ and his epilepsy said so, even though he’s a non-Jewish prophet-come-lately, and put everybody under a [poll-tax or the sword, so there, you infidels all such, ha ha”?

      It’s hardly convincing that your religion is best and truest when most of the Muslim commenters here are so prone to profanities and mocking those with whom you disagree.

      Sounds like a case of Is duilich burn glan a thoirt a tobar salach.

      TTFN, Saudi Girl

  21. Muslime Says:

    I m muslim and a woman from Türkiye, I hate you and all enemys of islam, you r very stupid.

  22. SAUDI GIRL Says:


    “أَمْ تَحْسَبُ أَنَّ أَكْثَرَهُمْ يَسْمَعُونَ أَوْ يَعْقِلُونَ إِنْ هُمْ إِلا كَالأَنْعَامِ بَلْ هُمْ أَضَلُّ سَبِيلا” (الفرقان: 44)
    “Do you think that most of them listen or understand? They are only like cattle; nay, they are worse astray in Path”

    and next time check your spelling before adding any comments [-.-]


  23. SAUDI GIRL Says:

    BECAUSE PEOPLE HERE do not know how to discuss or provide facts and evidence, the only thing YOU know is how to SAY BAD WORDS


  24. Saudi Man Says:

    To Saudi Girl


  25. Baloch Says:

    Dear All,

    Thanks for all above comments. As i understand this is the Meida who is giving the wrong picture of islam.Islam is the Religon of Peace. Islam teachs to respect every religon. We Muslim belives on all prophets. We have Thousand of muslims Male and females who have prevous prophet name as Eissa, Mariam, Hawa, Asiya, Dawood, Moosa, Haroon, Ibrahim , yousaf, yakoob, nooh and all . We really respect and love all of them. Can any one other then Muslim, show us a single name which they give to their babies. The Chirsans are more than Billion. Can you tell me a Single Chirstan has the name Muhammad (PUB).

    In Islam Woman are much respectable and precious. The Male takes all the responsiblities to feed, to give shelter , to give respect and honur in society. While the other fellows treat gril/ Woman like a doll. Just play and kik it out. If any one want to know and discuss islam wit me . I will well come him with open arm and heart. Waiting for your response. All the best.

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  27. Barb R Says:

    Baloch says “In Islam Woman are much respectable and precious. The Male takes all the responsiblities to feed, to give shelter , to give respect and honur in society.”

    Really? So may Canadian taxpayers expect a refund from the Muslim men who have come here as refugees and their numerous wives who are claiming single mother welfare benefits?

    I’m sure Canadian taxpayers will be pleased to respect your religion and no longer give Muslim women any sort of social assistance. And we can start with the Khadr family. Please. It’s the least we can do.

  28. Chris Moore Says:

    It is obvious that this photo is not real..

  29. NASER Says:

    لام عكس زن موحجبه در حال سنگسار ساختگيه و صحت نداره چون سنگاي اطرافش اگر بهش پرتاب شده بود صورتش لحه ميشد نه خراشيدگي. متشكر ميشم برام عكس بفرستيد. ممنون

  30. Saudi Girl Says:

    Are you serious! Of course, we have>
    Search -Read about education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    AND ANSWER ME- I WHISPER IN YOUR EAR- (Saudi Arabia gives the students a monthly salary at the University to encourage and support them,did your country do that?

  31. fuckyoustu Says:

    hey all you Muslim freaks ” may the flees of a thousand Jewish camels infest your sisters ****”……do all the little boys dance for you?.and you call me an infidel with no right to live. well let me tell you f*****s…… quit playing with yourselves, here in Canada our mothers told us you will go blind doing that…….

    EDITED for content/ Needless Profanity

  32. fuckyoustu Says:

    the whole khadr family needs to be booted OUT of Canada. they are NOT good Canadians but Muslim TERRORISTS….and oh we are going to seize all your assets to pay the tax payers back……..i would put my proud Canadian boot up his sisters ass so quick if given the chance ALL of them should be tried as war criminals. to help Omar khadr is like helping Hitler!. here in Canada we use the wool from sheep in your country you f*** them. any f****r who flies the Tamil flag in Canada needs to get sent home without their passport or their balls so they can’t reproduce……….

    EDITED for content/ Needless Profanity

  33. fuckyoustu Says:

    here in Alberta we do not need you or your fucking oil. you come to this country to do acts of terrorism against the hand that feeds you! it will come down to Christians versus Muslims . and a billion Christians will rise up to meet you to put a boot in your ass!

    EDITED for misspelling

  34. same Says:

    is countrycanada a

  35. KHAN Says:

    see christians and yahudi are the biggest enemy of islam so they just want a chance to spoil the name of ISLAM

  36. Philanthropist Says:

    I dont know why this kind of laws are still in work in all Muslim country. But I must say that what ever the mistake people do should cause his death. Life is precious, we must respect it.

  37. syed javeed Says:

    islam is the religious of peace, One small suggestion to all my brothers and sisters those who are commenting on this pic,
    Let they say anything revert them with the polite manner this is what our islam teachs everybody

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