Spot The H8ter!

January 27, 2009

Binky Corps:

Fresh goodness just online: Steynian 316. And:

~ SOFT-JIHADI TANTRUM? Victims R Us: “The Canadian Arab Federation, which helped organize the pro-Hamas rallies in Toronto, and which vocally champions the genocidal jihadis in their “resistance” against the Jews, posts a report by the American Arab anti-Defamation Committee (ADC) detailing the “discrimination” and “Islamophobia” faced by Arabs in the U.S.” ~


~ LOOKS LIKE A A Major Da’Wa (Islamic propagation) Dump! TVO: “The Meaning of Jihad“– Shabir Ally, Mohammad Fadel, Tarek Fatah, Aly Hindy, Muqtedar Khan; ALY HINDY (see vid above) Canadian Imam Praises Suicide Bombing …. (

Hurray for asplody-killing? Ah, the lovely & talented Mr. Hindy, d’ya ‘spose he’ll ever be called to account for hate-speech? When Mo’ Elmasry said every Israeli Jew over 18 was a fair target, he bobbed and weaved and saved his ass, but outed himself and his group as haters, Jihadis, and promoters of unCanadianism.


Egyptian-born Aly Hindy is the current Imam of the extremist Salaheddin Islamic Centre in Scarborough, Canada; he’s the defiantly shariaist pro-polygamy guy behind GTA’s secret world of polygamy; Google more of his words and antics here.

Since they’re not the scary Muslims, the MCC’s call “MCC urges police to lay charges against polygamous Muslim men” for Aly and his ilk to be investigated has been ignored by Ontario authorities, official feminists, or the Human Rights Brigades. Ontaristan is falling into cowardice– at least in the Greater Toronto Megalopolis. Can’t poke those buzzing sharia enclaves with a stick– might get stung.

So, Binks-corps– what else can we dig up on this scumbag?


Imam Aly Hindy’s previous job.

YouTube – Video distributed in Aly Hindy’s Parking Lot

2 Responses to “Spot The H8ter!”

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