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January 29, 2009

The public depiction of Islam as moderate, opponents or critics as bigots, Israel as the demon, and radicals as oppressed minorities is a delightful and dangerous web of fiction and lies.

The answer? Good books with facts and details you can use. UPDATE: “Stealth Jihad should be required reading in every one of our nation’s public schools. Here, Fjordman reviews Spencer’s groundbreaking work.


~ YOUR MUST-READ BOOK–“Stealth Jihad is heartily recommended for those who would like to understand the greatest threat we face today.” ~

~ EZRA LEVANT-PERSECUTING IMAM gets banned: “Calgary court bans Syed Soharwardy, Nagah Hage, from Jewish mall.” Syed briefly remade himself into a ‘moderate’, but Jew-hating is justsuch fun, dontcha know. ~

~ ISLAM = ANTI-SEMITISM: Toward a History of Antisemitism in Islam: A Groundbreaking Book, by Andrew Bostom. ~


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  1. […] a.k.a. the Canadian Islamic Congress (a big name for a small but influential pro-terror stealth-jihad group) was to hold a special food & dance & hate-imam event for the CIC-created ‘You […]

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