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RJago Seeks (and finds) Teh Tariq

February 25, 2009

UPDATE:Tariq Ramadan is a master apologist for radical Islam. This is not a coup-it’s a disgrace.”


An evening with Tariq Ramadan

Saith Robert Jago: “TP from the Covenant Zone blog was also at the lecture.  He has a post up with a more considered take on the lecture here.” Previsous Jago Link–Tariq Ramadan in Vancouver tonight.

The Tariqster? Soft-Jihadi sliver-tongued double-talker. The Simon Fraser Muslim Student’s Association?– full of Muslim Brotherhood Stealth Jihad love, and sharia supremacism. Canada? Useful tools in spreading and ignoring the truth that’s right in front of us.

Our past links on this character:

Canada: it’s ours to lose.



New Posting On Free Mark Steyn

February 21, 2009

Our Sister Aqsa


Aqsa Parvez, Our Sister

CANADA: Let’s Do This NOW!

February 19, 2009



Though the Islamic cold civil war that is gripping Great Britain is painful to watch, once in a while a glimpse of the old courage and wisdom peeks through the ruins and smoke. Hence, via Jihad Watch:

UK: Any Muslim advocating for the caliphate, sharia, jihad, and the slaying of homosexuals to be branded “extremist” — new anti-terror code

Go and read the whole thing.

It’s not just about the gun & bomb and head-chopping crazies: it’s precisely the caliphatist shariafying gay-bashing polygamistical law-suiting scum who are all about slowly taking over Europe and North America. The stealth jihadists, following the scheme of The Muslim Brotherhood. In Canada, that’s most of the ‘official’ Muslim groups in Canada, like the CAIR-Canada, CAF, CIC, and MSA. Extremists™.

So who do we talk to so we can get this into law?

Maybe the ‘professional whore‘ & ‘fascist‘ Jason Kenney would be a good place to start?



'Professional whore' & 'fascist' Jason Kenney, MP

Saudi Money

February 17, 2009


~ ONE DOES WONDER, don’t one?

In the recent FOX News video on Stealth Jihad “Terror From Within”, Canadian Muslim leader Tarek Fatak states that almost 100% of U.S. mosques receive Saudi funding. See:

Terror From Within, Part 1 [14:46]

  1. OK, then: what about Canada? Do Canadian Muslim mosques, institutions, and university departments/ profs. groups receive offshore funding? From whom? How much?
  2. If Saudi Arabia is promulgating extremist Wahhabi Islam, and funding those who support their agenda, who’s keeping track of the $$$, and of the recipients? Do they support the supremacy of Islam over Canada?
  3. How many of those groups were involved in the Ontario Sharia campaign?

Such groups– as Tarek Fatah says– need to clearly denounce the doctrine of Jihad, and stop attempting to introduce Islamic Law in subtle ways. Even now, creepy radical Muslims are visible in the centres of power in DC and Ottawa, fronts for The Muslim Brotherhood, and its war on Western law and history and religion.

Little spheres of special rules and segregation create totalitarian Jihadist areas, times, and activities– all subject to shari’a law. It’s all about taking over, getting the kuffars to give up ever more and more power and authority.

And the Saudis– at least in America– are funding it, partly with our  very own Western oil-money.

To what extent is this cash-jihad also the case in Canada, or not?


On Their High Horse: UPDATED

February 16, 2009

huzzah-pb-ms1A Cheersome Update!

~ IT’S CALLED ‘GOVERNING’! Blazingcatfur gets results: Jason Kenney to slash funding to Canadian Arab Federation – Minister called ‘professional whore’. ~

Nice to see the nanny-teat Jihad get some payback, for once. Let’s see if we can de-fund some other Jihadi scumbots a-slither in Canada.. the CIC, maybe?  Or does the “Muslim Student’s Association” get any federal or provincial funding?

Remember to thank him and cc: the PMO. [ ]

So say we all!


UPDATE: Kathy Shaidle weighs in.



~ SOFT-JIHAD FRONT GROUP and Hamas apologists get morally outraged– “Canadian Arab Federation: B’nai Brith on notice for supporting Israeli war crimes.”

… You know, AFTER they got all super-exhausted protesting Hamas war crimes,  their crimes against humanity, genocidal rage against Jews and Israel… and murderous oppression of their own people by thugs-tactics, kidnapping, and dragging people out of the hospital to shoot them in the street like dogs.

This is attention-seeking behaviour with a malicious purpose: to normalize their upsidedownistan view of the world and events; to make themselves the public voice for ALL Arabs, Muslims, and suchlike; to get a big slice of that media go-to pie, affirming the Lefty-view of the world.

It’s classic lame-ass lefty behaviour, ballooning a tiny radical mouse into an apparent leviathan.

Whereunto & Heretofor

I hereby do create and establish The Pan-Caledonian Canadian Congress, which speaks on behalf of all Canadian persons of any Scottish heritage whatsoever, even by marriage. I’ll soon have a handful of like-minded people on my board, a website, a charitable number (for supporting worthy causes here and elsewhere, and definitely NOT as a front for the Neo-Scots Liberation Front and their violent war on all the vile, interloping, non-hairy-legged Sassenach).

Long Live Bonny Prince Harry McKnees!

“‘S toigh leam briosgaidean gu mòr!”

Lord Harry McKnees

Lord Harry McKnees

Binks McWebElf

International Potentate, The Pan-Caledonian Canadian Congress

So.. Where Were We?

February 15, 2009


Please don’t look away.

~ SHAIDLE: a couple of Muslim guys in Montreal are going to jail for firebombing Jewish centers and planning to behead a gay dude; “Take your knife and cut the throat of each Christian around you. No pity.”

Behead. Gay. Dude. Psychoh8trsaywhatnow?

They firebombed a Jewish school and left a warning there calling upon Westerners to convert to Islam. They dreamt of murdering Christians and gays, and practised the minutiae of Islamic prayers and ablutions.

Read “How the Montreal Police nabbed two would-be terrorists“ gets worser: on mastermind Algerian-born Bulphred:

“He was a small-time hoodlum with a big chip on his shoulders, a man who spoke of Jihad, researched bomb-making techniques and looked at a nuclear plant, the Montreal Stock Exchange and a military base as possible terrorism targets…. Also troubling was the fact that, thanks to a job-training program from welfare authorities, Mr. Bulphred attended a trade school for the local aerospace industry.


Azim Ibragimov, left, and Omar Bulphred

Montreal: Radical Islamist hot-spot, with lots of little mini-Mosques breeding mini-haters like  Little Phred and Braggy. The Jihad is here. The sharia supremacists are here. The head-choppers are here. These ones got caught.

Looking the other way is very helpful.. to them.


Meanwhile, In Other News


Lots of fresh goodness on the danger of stealth-jihad just up at Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch: must-watch video with Fatah, Gaffney, Spencer, Nauert, Darwish.

The panel discusses Shariah Compliant Finance, Muslim Brotherhood front-groups, Lawfare and other issues. Click the embedded videos to watch.

Terror From Within, Part 1 [14:46]

Terror From Within, Part 2 [11:28]

Terror From Within, Part 3 [16:25]

Terror From Within, Part 4 [17:08]

Feral Barbarians & Appeasers

February 14, 2009


~ SUCH LOVELY PEOPLE, REALLY— Who? The Khadrs: belweather terror-mongers who exemplify our Canadian useful idiocy, and the easy sympathy of the Left for every shaggy-dog story and self-appointed victim.

Abdurahman Khadr has been on national TV, saying plainly that his was an “Al Qaeda family.” Got that?

After his defiant stance, nothing that he and his little band of terror-lovers have said or done should ever be taken at face value. They hate Canada: they support the aims & goals of the anti-semitic anti-Americans of Al Qaeda; adn presumably they also support the aims and means of Islamism: the overthrow of the West by any and all means, including lying through their lying teeth– or as the MoBots call it, taqqiyyastrategic lying, permissible when dealing with the infidel.

Terror Scum

Remember the facts: the Khadrs were admittedly and unapologetically involved in Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, and were personal friends with Osama Bin Ladin and his inner circle of eviloids.

The father, Egyptian-born Ahmed Khadr, is an admitted jihadist. As a student, he joined a certain radical Muslim-Brotherhood approved university student group and got radicalized. After that, ‘relief work’, but an awful lot of his friends and associates were the very worst of the worst of the international Islamist terror web. His son Omar was a jihadi warrior, and was captured by the Americans after being wounded.


Federal Liberal Party politicians– like Jean Chretien, Paul Martin, and current Liberal leader Ignatieff all seem to feel sorry for the media-savvy Khadrs. You know, KhadrCo. work up good PR, they plead utter innocence, and they have all the lefty useful idiots lined up to show the love to the poor victims of American excess, CSIS bloodhounds, and all that. Type thing:

~ Omar Khadr’s friends say bring the young man home, and they’ll look after him

~ Emperor Iggy’s infamous “Coalition”… rises from the dead, to make plea for Canada’s “first family of terror”

Sad to say, the exact truth of what the Khadrs were up to is not up for investigation or discussion. Useful idiots in Ottawa, the media, and leftist groups have glommed onto these folks as poster-kids for fighting Islamophobia™, and against ‘The Establishment’.

Cheering The Evil

That the Liberal Party, or Leftwits might be aiding and abetting international terrorism, sharia supremacism, undercutting our own efforts to uncover and cut the deep roots of extremism that infest Canada, and ‘normalize’ terror-supporters like the Khadrs is apparently acceptable. Score on for the Muslim Brotherhood extremists over Canadian common-sense. In the carnival hall of mirrors that is modern useful idiocy, the bad guys are victims, and the good guys are the black hats.

So pass the years of Islamist infiltration, undercutting, conditioning our elites. They are here. They will to conquer. The Khadrs? Just another hole in our defences– with pants on fire, and smirks on their faces.


We Have Met The Enemy…

February 10, 2009

.. And He Ain’t Us. Two recent hot flashes of the Canucki Stealth-Jihad With A Side-Order Of Anti-Semitic Hate, happening all around us:

~ Quebec terrorist suspect Said Namouh goes to trial. ~

~ Scaramouche— ” They just hate it when you point out their Judenhass: Found this one on the Montreal Muslims News Website.” ~

Keep your eyes open, and stop wanting NOT to see the evidence.



Canucki Jihadis Cluck Out

February 10, 2009


Lots of recent goodness up over at Free Canuckistan. Go. Enjoy. Memorize. Chant in the shower.


~ FROM THE ‘It’s Not All Bad News’ Dep’t: Via The Vlad Blog: CAIR Canada drops law suit against David Harris formerly of CSIS.

Jihadi scumbots CAIR-CANADA (the slimy northern tentacle of the unindicted co-conspirators in Terror-funding, CAIR-USA), have had a long-time hate on for uppity infidel and secret-spiller David Harris. The Infidel Harris dared– DARED! — oppose the soft-jihad for sharia in Ontario, name names, and out the stealth-jihad in Canada. He’ll be one of the first up against the wall when the Jihadi-revolution comes. Fair trial, execution to follow.


We first let you all know about David Harris early on. He is an unsung hero in the Jihad Wars, and a Canadian patriot.



The Truth Is No Defence

February 8, 2009
He posed.. a question!

The Hateful Lowell Green: He dared pose.. a question!

Via Islamophobes and haters Kathy Shaidle & Robert Spencer comes a fresh bit of chill-speeching– for telling the truth about Islam.

Ottawa radio host chastized for making ‘abusive and discriminatory,’ but true, statements about Islam and Muslims”

His crime? Green asked, “Is there something inherent in the Muslim faith that promotes violence and oppression of women?”[see  footnote below]. Why not ask Aqsa Parvez.. oh, wait.

Silencing Ourselves

Hence, Free Speech Death Watch Update: “Ottawa radio station chastised for comments on Muslims”.. so sez our very own Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (here’s the Decision, and the Press Release). Hurray for us.

Our Canadian DeHumanizing UnRights DeCommissions have already made it a general principle for their inquisitions that the truth is no defence: if you even upset someone with the truth, you are guilty of a rights-crime. Modern ‘rights’ include the right to a fwee comfy bwankie from, and to never have your sensitive feelings hurt, even by the truth.

Danged Pesky Infidels

When it comes to militant Islam, this is all code-talk for blasphemy, since no criticism of Islam or Muhammed is allowable. Internationally, the OIC is pushing the UN to enact international speech codes forbidding any and all such blasphemy. All religions are equal in our multiculti paradise: especially Islam.

Then, the speech codes gain further force, and even Muslims who are critical of their own faith (or militant exponents & interpreters of it, a la The Muslim Brotherhood) will be found offensive, Islamophobic, discriminatory, and abusive.

The result? The Malignant Muslim Brotherhood Über Alles. Political and social de-free-speeching. Sensitivity training. Self-censoring. A little further along the way to Jihadist Islam Über Alles.

Mutually Useful Idiocies

Secular Progressive Utopians on the one hand and Militant IslamoFascists on the other both have their reasons for wanting to cripple the freedoms of Western Civilization. Seems they are finding each other useful in the pursuit of this goal; the one, for cracking down on dissidents, the other, for intimidating infidels. The enemy of my enemy is my current ally, until the final fight to the death.

What To Do?

(1) Drop a note of thanks and support to Robert Spencer for standing tall– again– for The West, Freedom, and those under threat from Islamism.

(2) Send along a word of support to Ottawa radio host Lowell Green.. let him know you support him, and tell him the Binks sent ya.

(3) Read the Decision. Next, contact the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council know they don’t speak for you, or for authentic Canadian freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and that you support Lowell Green versus those who would punish or silence him for simply asking questions of a religion. Canada is not an Islamic theocracy.

Canada & her freedoms: ours to lose.


UPDATE– Support Lowell Green: Ottawa Radio Station Host at CFRA “Chastised” for “Tone” of Response To Islamofascists – Oh Good Grief! ~

The Sequel

Green asked, “Is there something inherent in the Muslim faith that promotes violence and oppression of women?” Via Spencer:

“….The Qur’an likens a woman to a field (tilth), to be used by a man as he wills: “Your women are a tilth for you (to cultivate) so go to your tilth as ye will” (2:223).

The Qur’an also declares that a woman’s testimony is worth half that of a man: “Get two witnesses, out of your own men, and if there are not two men, then a man and two women, such as ye choose, for witnesses, so that if one of them errs, the other can remind her” (2:282).

It allows men to marry up to four wives, and have sex with slave girls also: “If ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly with the orphans, marry women of your choice, two or three or four; but if ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one, or (a captive) that your right hands possess, that will be more suitable, to prevent you from doing injustice” (4:3).

It rules that a son’s inheritance should be twice the size of that of a daughter: “Allah (thus) directs you as regards your children’s (inheritance): to the male, a portion equal to that of two females” (4:11).

Worst of all, the Qur’an tells husbands to beat their disobedient wives: “Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other, and because they spend of their property (for the support of women). So good women are the obedient, guarding in secret that which Allah hath guarded. As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them” (4:34).

It allows for marriage to pre-pubescent girls, stipulating that Islamic divorce procedures “shall apply to those who have not yet menstruated” (65:4).

Nor is that all. There are ahadith in which Muhammad says that hell is filled with many more women than men, there are Islamic legal justifications for child marriage, stoning for adultery, honor killing, and female genital mutilation, and there is abundant evidence that these views of women have created hardened cultural attitudes across the Islamic world that institutionalize misery for women and discrimination against them….”