Islamist Self-Outing

February 2, 2009


We’ve already introduced you to the CAJ, or “Canadian Arab Federation.” Steyn-haters, Hamas-lovers, professional whiners and victims.

So– ‘magine you’re a soft-jihadi cult member of a successful Islamo-Scam bilking millions of tax-payer loot, and you’ve got an uppity Cabinet Minister on your hands. Do you:

(a) Cuddle up and play nicey-nice?

(2) shut up and wait for a better opportunity/ target?

(iii) Call said CanMin a whore?


Area Homeless Man? Or soft-jihadi scumbag?

Go figger. Blazing Cafur writes: “Guess How Khaled Mouammar of the Canadian Arab Federation learned how to spell “whore” … As in Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is a whore…yeah, you guessed it, with your tax dollars.”

Looks like another taste of Jihad Level 2, where the MultiCulti warm fuzzies get thin, and the Islamo-smile looks more and more like bared teeth. Circa England, say, 1999. The UK is at Level 5-6+. Level is abject Islamo-Domination.

1. Anybody know how to check just how much of our infidel Moolah this hater and his minions are bilking us for?

2. Send a note of encouragement to Jason Kenney [ ], and let him (and our waffle-y PM) know that such vile bile-spewage does not speak for you.

3. Keep an eye out for CAJ activities, and remember they and their leadership are anti-semitic terror-supporting soft-jihadists. If you support the Islam-Mafia called Hamas, you support all their words and deeds, unless you say otherwise.

4. Note the usual suspects and useful idiots of the Left, cuddling up with the Jihad in the hopes that bys such appeasement the crocodile while eat them last.

The Left longs for a progressive Utopian revolution, Khaled & CO. an Islamic revolution.  Simplistic dodos of a feather flock together… especially cult-members of the Untied UnCHurch of Canuckistan. Or maybe they’re just Platinum Card-holding members of the International Order  Of Cranky Old Bastards.

Khaled: you’re the whore, mate– except you like screwing over the people paying the bills for you had your cathouse full of poxy Islamoids.


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