Dead Harlot!

February 5, 2009

February 5, 2009

The Hon. Jason Kenney:
Minister of Immigration
Ottawa, Ontario

Dear Mr. Kenney:

As a Canadian, I am outraged and deeply offended by the recent news about murdered Canadian teen Aqsa Parvez. As I understand the matter, she was slain in a so-called ‘honour-killing.’ Her grave is a small number-plate in the ground: no name, picture, flowers, or date.

When donors from around the world recently offered to purchase a suitable memorial-stone, her family refused. It would appear that they are still dishonouring her in death.

Simply put, do we have three classes of Canadians? The children of immigrants, the female children of immigrants, and the children of people who have lived here for a while? Is this the message we want to send to young people who assimilate with Canadian culture, and to those who refuse to connect with their new country? Is this how we want women in immigrant communities to understand themselves– conform, submit, obey, fear?.. and if you get beaten or murdered for bucking the unofficial rules, you will be forgotten, and your memorial will be an anonymous stone?

What happens to one Canadian teen affects us all. That, surely, is the point of coming here– not so we can continue to act and think as if we were still in another land, but that the freedoms and duties we have as Canadians and toward all Canadians are the price of our freedom, and the privilege of citizenship.

I understand that a minority government is concerned not to alienate immigrant votors and new Canadians: however, by sending a strong message to potential honour-killers and their victims, we support moderate elements within that community, women’s rights, and the equality of all people under Canadian law.

I am interested in your perspective on this ongoing situation, which has engaged Canadians and people of all stripes and convictions.

Sincerely yours,

[ Binky, WebElf ]


Aqsa “Axa” Parvez (1991 – December 10, 2007)

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Aqsa Parvez: dishonored, unmourned; Outside of a number on a stone a memorial for Aqsa Parvez

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4 Responses to “Dead Harlot!”

  1. […] TEH BINKS sends a letter to ImmiMin Jason Kenney, on the topic of Aqsa Parvez. Why not join in? [ […]

  2. Pesky Pundit Says:

    Now that is a POWERFUL letter! And the point it makes is MONUMENTAL. Aqsa Parvez’s needless death, the active role(s) her family played in her death, and her family’s callous disregard and disrespect for Aqsa AFTER her death provide the Conservative government and ideal opportunity to tell the Canadian people what they stand for.

    I’ve got my eye on Jason Kenney. I have a feeling I’d vote for this man if I had the opportunity. His proactive response to the restauranteur who was slimed in the Kinsella Catgate Affair suggests that Kenney just might DO something about Aqsa Parvez. This would CEMENT many young women to the Conservative party for years to come!

  3. […] has the inimitable Kathy Shaidle, Pam herself, and others. I had this to say a little while back, in a letter to Jason Kenney. Looks like Teh Steyn has chimed in, […]

  4. Kamil Krazie Says:

    This disdain for a free spirited teenager in life is perpetuated in death,denying Aqsa Parvez a memorial to her memory. Aqsa continues to pay the price for defying her obligations to sharia- the mandatory code of conduct for all ‘true’ Muslims. Sharia , the defining vestige { social,cultural,spiritual,legal set of all encompassing rules } of all devout and pious Muslims, serves now to conveniently forget Aqsa with a quick ablution { ritual washing to remove filth } and Aqsa’s life is sweep under the prayor rug.

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