Soft-Jihadist Elmasry Still Alive

February 5, 2009

When the news came recently that Steyn-hating longtime soft-Jihadist Mohammed Elmasry was ‘stepping aside’ from one of his anti-semitic hate-groups in favour of a female Mini-ElMo, we wondered waht was up. Was the old warhorse defeated by the massive public humiliation and defeat of his Sock-Puppet team of Steyn-bashers? Just wanted to kick back with some tea and watch al-Jazeera in his golden years?

Not so fast. Writes Blazing Catfur– Elmo’s new rag “The Canadian Charger” Gains Instant Credibility With Stellar Editorial Board. Woo! More Islamist self-outing! Or, the anti-MacLean’s, if you will. They want your money, now!

thecanadianchargerTaking a page from Western 60’s radicals, old ElMo (of the impressive-sounding Canadian Islamic Congress) is never done, just popping up like mold in another corner you hadn’t expected. CIC discredited? Hand it off! A bold new newspaper will make the crusaders tremble in their infidel boots! The Canadian Charger— isn’t that a battery-booster from Canadian Tire for those cold winter start-ups?

(1) Same old Elmo, new venue. Turning over an old leaf–

[By Dr. Mohamed Elmasry]

Palestinians will continue to be the victims of the Zionist ideology as long as most Jews in the world believe in it, and agree with its main tenant: the same God who made them did not made the native Palestinians. It is sad but true.

Blah blah blah, yada yada yada, Ezra Levant and I could write this kind of tired 1948-style Muslim Brotherhood screed, except we’d make it enjoyable. Unfortunately, I don’t care to splash around in septic tanks for fun and prophet. Ezra? Well, according to Chinese Cultural Relations Officer Warren Kinsella, Ezra The Jew is more into Nazism, or something.

(2) A few new names to pop into the 9/11 kooks, useful idiots, or the  ‘Probably Islamist but soft-Jihadi about it‘ list of radicals. Anybody who hangs with the ‘Mo gets tarred wih the same Jihad-green brush. Sorry– if you didn’t know that, you do now. There’s no hack like an old hack, and the cronies he gathers around him. John Miller might be willing to sign up– he seemed to be very very well informed on the Elmasry/ SockPuppet talking-points when last we saw him making noises in public.

(3) Michael Keefer, Dr Margaret Pappano, Abigail Bakan, Mohamed Elmasry. Stellar. The Left & The Jihad, all snug in their beds, while visions of apocalypse and utopia danced in their heads.

If you want a swamp-ful of foretaste of ElMo’s take on things, he’s been screeding for 11 years over at the CIC. Jews suck, Israel evil, poor Muslims downtrodden, Sharia rocks, etc. type thing.


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