Blazing CatFuzz Has The News

February 6, 2009


More Islamists than you can shake a stick at! And raising money for Hamas in Canada, even! In little old Markham, Ontario!

Hey Vancouverites grab a Cat! .. Meanwhile the GTA is blessed with another appearance by Crazed Foreigner Islamist Mohammad al-Asi, invited here by Domestic Islamist Scumbag Zafar Bangash.

And like we said about the NDippers spooning with Islamic radicalism, CatFur quotes via Jay Currie:

The main “anti-war” organizations in Canada have nurtured fraternal ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, with Hezbollah and Hamas. You can look it up for yourself. When the head of the Canadian Labour Congress refers to the Taliban as the Afghan “resistance” and the New Democratic Party (social democrats) fields “star” candidates who call the Taliban mere “dissidents,” you know that something rather unusually toxic is at work.

Any questions?

Your indifference is what the Islamists and their useful idiots are counting on: you know, life is too good to worry about that stuff; the recession is too scary to worry about that stuff.. whatever works.


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