Feral Barbarians & Appeasers

February 14, 2009


~ SUCH LOVELY PEOPLE, REALLY— Who? The Khadrs: belweather terror-mongers who exemplify our Canadian useful idiocy, and the easy sympathy of the Left for every shaggy-dog story and self-appointed victim.

Abdurahman Khadr has been on national TV, saying plainly that his was an “Al Qaeda family.” Got that?

After his defiant stance, nothing that he and his little band of terror-lovers have said or done should ever be taken at face value. They hate Canada: they support the aims & goals of the anti-semitic anti-Americans of Al Qaeda; adn presumably they also support the aims and means of Islamism: the overthrow of the West by any and all means, including lying through their lying teeth– or as the MoBots call it, taqqiyyastrategic lying, permissible when dealing with the infidel.

Terror Scum

Remember the facts: the Khadrs were admittedly and unapologetically involved in Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, and were personal friends with Osama Bin Ladin and his inner circle of eviloids.

The father, Egyptian-born Ahmed Khadr, is an admitted jihadist. As a student, he joined a certain radical Muslim-Brotherhood approved university student group and got radicalized. After that, ‘relief work’, but an awful lot of his friends and associates were the very worst of the worst of the international Islamist terror web. His son Omar was a jihadi warrior, and was captured by the Americans after being wounded.


Federal Liberal Party politicians– like Jean Chretien, Paul Martin, and current Liberal leader Ignatieff all seem to feel sorry for the media-savvy Khadrs. You know, KhadrCo. work up good PR, they plead utter innocence, and they have all the lefty useful idiots lined up to show the love to the poor victims of American excess, CSIS bloodhounds, and all that. Type thing:

~ Omar Khadr’s friends say bring the young man home, and they’ll look after him

~ Emperor Iggy’s infamous “Coalition”… rises from the dead, to make plea for Canada’s “first family of terror”

Sad to say, the exact truth of what the Khadrs were up to is not up for investigation or discussion. Useful idiots in Ottawa, the media, and leftist groups have glommed onto these folks as poster-kids for fighting Islamophobia™, and against ‘The Establishment’.

Cheering The Evil

That the Liberal Party, or Leftwits might be aiding and abetting international terrorism, sharia supremacism, undercutting our own efforts to uncover and cut the deep roots of extremism that infest Canada, and ‘normalize’ terror-supporters like the Khadrs is apparently acceptable. Score on for the Muslim Brotherhood extremists over Canadian common-sense. In the carnival hall of mirrors that is modern useful idiocy, the bad guys are victims, and the good guys are the black hats.

So pass the years of Islamist infiltration, undercutting, conditioning our elites. They are here. They will to conquer. The Khadrs? Just another hole in our defences– with pants on fire, and smirks on their faces.


7 Responses to “Feral Barbarians & Appeasers”

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  3. Bob Devine Says:

    Send that SOB or any like him to my house for safe keeping and you will never have to worry about them again.

  4. Tommy Says:

    Now a fall down federal judge wants to dictate to the federal government on foreign policy. Canadians are so blind and why are the protests to prevent his return to Canada are not being advertised. We need a colition of supporters who want to remove this type of people who hide behind our Great Maple. They are using our niceness as our own weakness. They know we are weak and willing to help anyone to make us look good so when they succeed in taking over the government they leaders will be spared. But not out Stevie he wants to kick they butts which is what we need.

  5. Looks like you are a real professional. Did you study about the theme? haha..

  6. keven Says:

    I’m doing some research on Omar Khadr and the photos with severed feet and hands have been on a few websites. I’ve contacted the source of the photos as printed on the upper right hand corner (RAWA – Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan)and they attest to the photo being taken on August 14th, 1998 in Afghanistan. However, they do not claim that the individual is Omar Khadr. Would you please offer details on how you know that this is Omar Khadr, especially given that the boy looks older than 11 1/2 years?

    • Kamal Toews Says:

      Islamic people lie.
      Men, women, children – they all lie. They will tell you whatever you want to hear for a buck, then turn around and stab you in the back for 50 cents.
      I’ve seen the photo – it is Omar. And there’s also another video of him building bombs. You dates might be a bit off.

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