So.. Where Were We?

February 15, 2009


Please don’t look away.

~ SHAIDLE: a couple of Muslim guys in Montreal are going to jail for firebombing Jewish centers and planning to behead a gay dude; “Take your knife and cut the throat of each Christian around you. No pity.”

Behead. Gay. Dude. Psychoh8trsaywhatnow?

They firebombed a Jewish school and left a warning there calling upon Westerners to convert to Islam. They dreamt of murdering Christians and gays, and practised the minutiae of Islamic prayers and ablutions.

Read “How the Montreal Police nabbed two would-be terrorists“ gets worser: on mastermind Algerian-born Bulphred:

“He was a small-time hoodlum with a big chip on his shoulders, a man who spoke of Jihad, researched bomb-making techniques and looked at a nuclear plant, the Montreal Stock Exchange and a military base as possible terrorism targets…. Also troubling was the fact that, thanks to a job-training program from welfare authorities, Mr. Bulphred attended a trade school for the local aerospace industry.


Azim Ibragimov, left, and Omar Bulphred

Montreal: Radical Islamist hot-spot, with lots of little mini-Mosques breeding mini-haters like  Little Phred and Braggy. The Jihad is here. The sharia supremacists are here. The head-choppers are here. These ones got caught.

Looking the other way is very helpful.. to them.


Meanwhile, In Other News


Lots of fresh goodness on the danger of stealth-jihad just up at Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch: must-watch video with Fatah, Gaffney, Spencer, Nauert, Darwish.

The panel discusses Shariah Compliant Finance, Muslim Brotherhood front-groups, Lawfare and other issues. Click the embedded videos to watch.

Terror From Within, Part 1 [14:46]

Terror From Within, Part 2 [11:28]

Terror From Within, Part 3 [16:25]

Terror From Within, Part 4 [17:08]

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