On Their High Horse: UPDATED

February 16, 2009

huzzah-pb-ms1A Cheersome Update!

~ IT’S CALLED ‘GOVERNING’! Blazingcatfur gets results: Jason Kenney to slash funding to Canadian Arab Federation – Minister called ‘professional whore’. ~

Nice to see the nanny-teat Jihad get some payback, for once. Let’s see if we can de-fund some other Jihadi scumbots a-slither in Canada.. the CIC, maybe?  Or does the “Muslim Student’s Association” get any federal or provincial funding?

Remember to thank him and cc: the PMO. [ kennej@parl.gc.ca ]

So say we all!


UPDATE: Kathy Shaidle weighs in.



~ SOFT-JIHAD FRONT GROUP and Hamas apologists get morally outraged– “Canadian Arab Federation: B’nai Brith on notice for supporting Israeli war crimes.”

… You know, AFTER they got all super-exhausted protesting Hamas war crimes,  their crimes against humanity, genocidal rage against Jews and Israel… and murderous oppression of their own people by thugs-tactics, kidnapping, and dragging people out of the hospital to shoot them in the street like dogs.

This is attention-seeking behaviour with a malicious purpose: to normalize their upsidedownistan view of the world and events; to make themselves the public voice for ALL Arabs, Muslims, and suchlike; to get a big slice of that media go-to pie, affirming the Lefty-view of the world.

It’s classic lame-ass lefty behaviour, ballooning a tiny radical mouse into an apparent leviathan.

Whereunto & Heretofor

I hereby do create and establish The Pan-Caledonian Canadian Congress, which speaks on behalf of all Canadian persons of any Scottish heritage whatsoever, even by marriage. I’ll soon have a handful of like-minded people on my board, a website, a charitable number (for supporting worthy causes here and elsewhere, and definitely NOT as a front for the Neo-Scots Liberation Front and their violent war on all the vile, interloping, non-hairy-legged Sassenach).

Long Live Bonny Prince Harry McKnees!

“‘S toigh leam briosgaidean gu mòr!”

Lord Harry McKnees

Lord Harry McKnees

Binks McWebElf

International Potentate, The Pan-Caledonian Canadian Congress

2 Responses to “On Their High Horse: UPDATED”

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