Saudi Money

February 17, 2009


~ ONE DOES WONDER, don’t one?

In the recent FOX News video on Stealth Jihad “Terror From Within”, Canadian Muslim leader Tarek Fatak states that almost 100% of U.S. mosques receive Saudi funding. See:

Terror From Within, Part 1 [14:46]

  1. OK, then: what about Canada? Do Canadian Muslim mosques, institutions, and university departments/ profs. groups receive offshore funding? From whom? How much?
  2. If Saudi Arabia is promulgating extremist Wahhabi Islam, and funding those who support their agenda, who’s keeping track of the $$$, and of the recipients? Do they support the supremacy of Islam over Canada?
  3. How many of those groups were involved in the Ontario Sharia campaign?

Such groups– as Tarek Fatah says– need to clearly denounce the doctrine of Jihad, and stop attempting to introduce Islamic Law in subtle ways. Even now, creepy radical Muslims are visible in the centres of power in DC and Ottawa, fronts for The Muslim Brotherhood, and its war on Western law and history and religion.

Little spheres of special rules and segregation create totalitarian Jihadist areas, times, and activities– all subject to shari’a law. It’s all about taking over, getting the kuffars to give up ever more and more power and authority.

And the Saudis– at least in America– are funding it, partly with our  very own Western oil-money.

To what extent is this cash-jihad also the case in Canada, or not?


3 Responses to “Saudi Money”

  1. Trenchant Commentator Says:

    Only in Canada would someone ask: “Dynamite explodes when it is used in the USA, but does that mean it will do the SAME thing in Canada?”

    Similarly, only a Canadian would observe: “Islamic ideology is anethema to American core values as well as a threat to American security, but that doesn’t mean that holds true in Canada.”

    Binks, I hope you’re being sarcasrtic. Otherwise, my response to you is “Duh!”.

    Dear Trenchant:

    Nope, not ‘sarcasrtic’– just being reasonable, since I don’t have facts and evidence. Sad to say, Canadian investigation of Saudi $$ is way behind what has been done in the U.S. — if I suspect something, I must have some evidence or likelihood to assert it. Just saying so doesn’t make it so, even if it’s beyond probable.


  2. Trenchant Commentator Says:


    Have you any reason to believe that the Saudi powers-that-be regard Canada and its Muslim communities in a different light to that in which they regard the USA? Just wondering…

    I lived in the UAE for several years as well as Morocco, Tunisia and Sudan. I guess what they say is true. Travel does educate and inform. I’ve no doubt that the Saudi consistency of approach which I have witnessed firsthand in numerous jurisdictions over the years still holds.

    Binks, perhaps you should get out and travel more. Otherwise, you will be obliged to must depend on third-party and “local” sources for information. This being Canada, good luck with that…

    Speaking from experience, I can assure you that you will NEVER learn the reality of Arab Islamism with your current approach.

    Have a lovely day.

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