RJago Seeks (and finds) Teh Tariq

February 25, 2009

UPDATE:Tariq Ramadan is a master apologist for radical Islam. This is not a coup-it’s a disgrace.”


An evening with Tariq Ramadan

Saith Robert Jago: “TP from the Covenant Zone blog was also at the lecture.  He has a post up with a more considered take on the lecture here.” Previsous Jago Link–Tariq Ramadan in Vancouver tonight.

The Tariqster? Soft-Jihadi sliver-tongued double-talker. The Simon Fraser Muslim Student’s Association?– full of Muslim Brotherhood Stealth Jihad love, and sharia supremacism. Canada? Useful tools in spreading and ignoring the truth that’s right in front of us.

Our past links on this character:

Canada: it’s ours to lose.


2 Responses to “RJago Seeks (and finds) Teh Tariq”

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  2. […] of faux-moderates undermining Western Civ, whilst profiting from the victims. Tariq’s travelling magic show has dazzled many thousands, but the facts, background, associations, and real-life connections this […]

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