Fighting The Squishies?

March 11, 2009
Crazed Evil Non-Extremist

Crazed Evil Non-Extremist

Tarek Fatah is an outspoken Canadian born in Pakistan, an author, media speaker, and one of the founders of the moderate Muslim Muslim Canadian Congress.  He’s received death-threats for his views, primarily from militant pro-sharia Muslims, who consider him a traitor, an apostate, and a collaborator with the West.

After all, to a militant, a moderate is even worse than your enemy– someone who understands your point, but intelligently disagrees with it from within the community you insist is marginalized, put-upon, victimized, and such like. He’s a walking contradiction: not playing the victim-card, but participating in actual debate, dialogue and discussion over issues. It’s rather off-putting, dontcha know, to them what claim to speak for all Muslims ever, anywhere.

Worse of all, he actually appears to be nice, and friendly to stinking dirty kuffars. Well, the hard cases and self-appointed official Muslims at Sharia Supremacism R Us have just finally had enough of the namby-pamby ‘don’t kill all infidels’ take on Canada.

ITEM– CAIR-CAN board member seeks to pillory Tarek Fatah.

Must.. discredit.. Tarek! Smear! Smear!! SMEAR!! If there wasn’t something to complain about, we wouldn’t be complaining, right?

In this corner–

“Faisal Kutty, LL.B., LL.M. KSM Law, also was a central figure in attempting to have sharia law adopted in Ontario for civil and family matters has asked his network to start a campaign against Tarek speaking to DFAIT and accusing him of hatred to Muslims.”

Get it? Our way, or the smear-way. That’s the soft-jihadi way. Grab the debate, discredit the competition, and smooth the way for another run at shariafication.

In England, the radicals all got themselves appointed to government committees on how to work with moderate Muslims. That also means they got the filthy lucre, plus get to sideline AND claim to speak for all moderate Muslims. What a scam.

~ WHAT. A. SURPRISE. UK jihadists used welfare and earthquake relief money to finance jihad. In completely unrelated news, “UK funds meant to counter Muslim “radicalization” being used to…radicalize Muslims.” Western Jihadists: giggling themselves senseless all the way to the bank …. (

In England, they are several steps along the path of submitting to extremist Islam. Allowing people like Mr. Kutty to slime and slander Tarek Fatah will move Canada long the continuum towards less freedom and a polarized environment where sharia-supremacists define the debate, who’s in and out, and then cosy up to a cowed government who feeds them taxes to buy peace, dialogue, and ‘moderates’.

We’re seeing it already, and this crooked wheel has already been invented and is running over people and freedoms in Europe. Let’s not repeat the same mistakes here, shall we?

Mr. Kutty is free to hold all the nasty views and desires he wants: and it’s a good thin we can hear from the mouths of radicals themselves how they’d like to proceed, so we can be forewarned and so forearmed.

Canada: It’s Ours To Lose.


5 Responses to “Fighting The Squishies?”

  1. […] FRESH CANUCKI JIHAD: Fighting The Squishies?.. on the CAIR-Can honcho swipe vs. Tarek Fatah …. […]

  2. Hello Binks,

    In French:

    Canucki Jihad : Un ancien membre du conseil d’administration de CAIR-CAN cherche à clouer Tarek Fatah au pilori

  3. Rose Says:

    The stupidest thing those Political Islamists could do is go after him in any form. He’s adored by Conservatives and Liberals alike, he speaks the truth that’s why they want him silenced.

    Lay a hand on that man’s head Islamists at your own outing and peril.

  4. vladtepesblog Says:

    Kutty is also listed on the board of the school run by an allegedly deported radical Pakistani women who teaches women to embrace polygamy and some of her graduates where wives to some of the Toronto 18. Kutty has his hands in a few radical Islamic organizations in Canada and is not to be taken lightly. Whether she was deported or not, she was ordered deported. Vlad will be doing a write up on her and her schools soon. In the meantime, please see this video and read the names at the end.
    The school is called ISNA and here is the vid mentioning Kutty

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