A Good News/ Bad News Thing

March 16, 2009
~ ITEM: Blazingcatfur gets results: Jason Kenney to slash funding to Canadian Arab Federation – Minister called ‘professional whore’.


~ ITEM: “Wonders! Another Islamist Front Organization: Jason Kenney please cut off funding to the Islamic Social Services Association of Manitoba”.


~ ITEM: Jason Kenney now needs full time “Personal Security” … Threat assessment by RCMP notes risk of attack by Christadelphian extremists – named Mohammed.

When you fight back against allegedly moderate multicultural peaceful tolerant Islamist groups, you risk injury or death. Public officials are not safe either, which probably accounts for why so few are willing to talk back or expose Islamist hijinks in our society– self-protection, and fear.

The Islamists and shari’a supremacists count on that chill to fend off criticism and consequences for their actual words and deeds. Remember: in the new dispensation (as promoted by the UN & OIC), and criticism of Muslims, Islam, or Mohammad are to be forbidden. It’s a shari’a thing, and we’re not far from internationally surrendering our most fundamental freedoms of the press, opinion, religion, and all the rest.

Canada is far from lost, and some useful fight-back is taking place; indeed, our saving grace is that the Muslim population here is small, and so (relative to Western Europe), we’re not dealing with huge voting-blocs, no-go-zones, or whole communities across the country lost to a radical Muslim minority-within-a-minority. Also, whilst we have Multi-Culti guilt, we don’t have  a post-imperial complex dragging us even further down.

Please remember to drop MP Jason Kenney a note of support and encouragement [ kennej@parl.gc.ca ]– good things don’t happen unless Canadian citizens bother to speak up, and make a difference.

Canada: It’s Ours To Lose.



Love Them Intertubes!

shahina_siddiquiMore On the lovely & talented Ms. Shahina Siddiqui, via this helpful site. She’s also on the Advisory Board Member of CAIR-Canada (CAIR-CAN). The interconnected webs are always there.

  • Siddiqui has written articles for and was featured on live dialogue sessions for Islam Online. (Shahina Siddiqui, Islam Online, “The Positive & negative C’s of Islamic Parenting,” February 19, 2002; “Fundamentals Of A Happy Marriage – Part I: ‘Must Have’s of Every Relationship,’” February 29, 2000; “Fundamentals Of A Happy Marriage – Part 2: ‘Must Dos’ of Every Relationship,’” March 8, 2000; Islam Online, Live Dialogue with Shahina Siddiqui, Islam Online, ‘Breaking Out of Depression – How?’ April 12, 2007; ‘Surviving Sexual Abuse – How?’ April 26, 2007) Islam Online also features live dialogues with Hamas leaders (Islam Online, Live Dialogue with Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, ‘Hamas and the Future of Palestine,’ May 7, 2003) and a ‘Fatwa Bank’ (religious ruling) section advocating attacks on Israeli civilians. (Islam Online, Jihad: Rulings & Regulations, ‘Attacking Civilians in Martyr Operations,’ October 26, 2003).
  • “Adultery is a crime in Islam that is punishable by death.” (Shahina Siddiqui, Islam Online, “Fundamentals Of A Happy Marriage – Part 2: ‘Must Dos’ of Every Relationship,’” March 8, 2000).
  • Siddiqui referred to the practice of honour killings as “the so-called honour killings” and “merely a fancy name for murder.” (Shahina Siddiqui, Winnipeg Free Press, ‘Status of Muslim women is not well understood,’ March 24, 2001).
  • “In the Islamic frame of reference, peace should not be confused with the ‘absence of war.’” (Shahina Siddiqui, Winnipeg Sun, ‘Peace has broad meaning in Islam,’ August 4, 2006).
  • In May of 2006, Siddiqui and others filed a formal complaint with the Winnipeg police department’s hate crimes unit, attempting to stop the showing of ‘Obsession,’ a film that exposes the horrors of radical Islam. (CBC News, “Film’s screening sparks religious controversy,” May 29, 2006).
  • “Can anyone dispute that Western media is biased in its portrayal of Islam and that misinformation and outright lies are passed on as facts? The practice of rendition, secret trials, hateful attacks on the prophet of Islam, torture and sexual abuse of Iraqi and Afghani prisoners by Western troops, desecration of the Muslim holy book, war based on lies, massacres of civilians, sanctions that lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Muslim children: are these not acts of hate?” (Shahina Siddiqui, Winnipeg Sun, ‘Propaganda film targets my faith,’ June 3, 2006).
  • In December of 2001, Siddiqui wrote an article for Sound Vision (Shahina Siddiqui, Sound Vision, ‘Marriage in Islam,’ December 17, 2001), an Islamist propaganda center located in Bridgeview, Illinois that was established as the multimedia division of the American arm of the Muslim Brotherhood of Pakistan (Jamaat-e-Islami), the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA). (website of ICNA, About ICNA, ‘Major Projects and Divisions,’ May 8, 1999).
  • Comparing Canadian Muslims’ and overseas Muslims’ “knowledge” of “the West”: “The reality of the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Lebanon and that of the Palestinian people among others is one of tanks, bulldozers, bombs, massacres, humiliation, torture and abuse. Therefore, the parallels being drawn between what some Muslims over there feel and know about the West, to what Canadian Muslims feel here and now, is a stretch and amounts to comparing apples and oranges.” (Shahina Siddiqui, Winnipeg Free Press, Letter to the Editor, “Don’t blame local Muslims,” June 2, 2006).
  • Siddiqui’s non-recognition of Israel’s existence: “When, to appease the Israeli extremist, we turn a blind eye to the illegal settlements being established on confiscated Palestinian land, and when we insist that they agree to 90% of 20% of their land as a generous offer we must take a moment to reflect would this be good enough for us?” (Shahina Siddiqui, Calgary Sun, ‘No Peace in Islam without Justice,’ November 5, 2000).
  • Siddiqui co-authored a treatise arguing for Sharia law to be brought to Canada. (Shahina Siddiqui and Omar Siddiqui, focus/justice – The Magazine of the McGill Legal Information Clinic, “‘Imagining the Real’: Legal Pluralism, Sharia, and a Just Society,” 2006).
  • Siddiqui has been a featured speaker at conferences sponsored by groups connected to the violent Muslim Brotherhood. (website of Muslim American Society, ‘MAS-ICNA West Regional Convention a Smashing Success,’ November 30, 2005; website of the Islamic Society of North America, ISNA 43rd Annual Convention, ‘Achieving Balance in Faith, Family and Community,’ September 1, 2006).
  • In July of 1997, Siddiqui was involved as a Director in what was termed an “Educational Retreat” at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. (Militant Islam Monitor, ‘Unindicted co conspirator linked to WTC bombing Siraj Wahaj being brought to FAU campus by Muslim Student Organisation & MAS,’ January 17, 2005) The Program Director of the event was Siraj Wahhaj, an individual who was named by the U.S. government as a potential unindicted co-conspirator of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. (Militant Islam Monitor, ‘List of Unindicted co conspirators in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing ,’ December 6, 2005).
  • Siddiqui is the principal author of a booklet based on a paper presented by Siddiqui in 2001 at the ‘Islam in America’ Conference held in Indianapolis. The booklet acknowledges support from such Islamist institutions as CAIR, ICNA, ISNA, MSA and Siraj Wahhaj’s Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA). As well, according to the book, the “project would not have been possible without [the] expertise, feedback and support” of Jamal Badawi. (website of CAIR, ‘Women Friendly Mosques and Community Centers,’ December 23, 2005; website of the ISNA Leadership Development Center/ILDC, ‘Women Friendly Mosques and Community Centers: Working Together to Reclaim Our Heritage’) Badawi is the author of a book which states that, under the right circumstances, it is “permissible” for a husband to beat his wife. (Jamal Badawi, World Assembly of Muslim Youth/WAMY, ‘Gender Equity in Islam,’ 1995).

How very i-i-interesting.


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