ISNA-Can: Soft-Jihad R Us

March 18, 2009


~ ITEM: New Disclosures Tighten ISNA-Muslim Brotherhood Bonds

~ ITEM: ISNA, NAIT admit ties to Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas

~ ITEM: President of ISNA Muslim Group With Ties To Hamas To Speak at Inaugural Prayer Service

~ ITEM: Gaffney: “Friends of the Muslim Brotherhood are no friends of America

~ ITEM: Canadian justice system ‘not up to the modern terrorist challenge

What fun!

The Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood is the brains-trust of the modern Jihad, hard or soft. They primarily advocate the submission of the West to Islamic law and practice, or shari’a.

Lots of groups in the U.S. have the unofficial approval of the Islamo-Supremacist Muslim Brotherhood, including ISNA, or the hard-Wahhabist Islamic Society of North America, and The Muslim Student’s Association.  These groups have Canadian offshoots.

Connect Teh Dots

When you make the connections between such groups and public Muslims, it’s amazing what turns up.


The Lovely & Talented Mr. Kutty

In our recent post ‘Fighting The Squishies‘, we wrote of the attempted public knee-capping of moderate Canadian Muslim Tarek Fatah by CAIR-CAN’s Faisal Kutty. Oddly enough, Mr. Kutty showed up at last year’s ISNA-CAN 34th Annual Convention, according to this link, and YouTube vid.

YouTube – 34th ISNA Canada Annual Convention – Teaser (low quality)

Past ISNA-Can Conventions have seen Islamo-Smoothies like– wait for it– Tariq Ramadan!

So Here’s The Thing…

Logic is a pesky thing. Take the following situation.

Faisal Kutty and Tariq Ramadan and other folks like to get together at these Convention Centre conflabs, to speak and whatnot. But the ISNA-US is a pro-terror, pro-shari’a, pro-Jihad group which the bad boys of The Muslim Brotherhood appear to approve of entirely. We’ve yet to see any “..except fot the Canadian offshoots” qualifications from the IslamoFascist-HQ, but we presume the offshoots are doing much the same as the mother groups in the US.


You’re known by the company you keep. So: are Kutty & Ramadan et al. accidental idiots, or soft-jihadists? That is: are they just innocently hanging around over and over again with nasty people from nasty groups, or are they happy and glad to be there? Pick a side, and stop playing one and pretending to be the other. Whatever else you may say about him, Mr. Kutty has some serious intelligence and academic ability.

Any claim to not be onside with Islamo-Supremacism rings rather hollow when set alongside their activities and associations. If I hang around with a cross-burning white-sheeted group a lot, I may be an idiot, or a KKKer: most likely the latter, logically.

If you’re a decent human, you publicly distance yourself from haters, like Benedict XVI recently did over that anti-semitic bishop thing. If not a decent human, you just hope that fear and ignorance means the public won’t make the connections between you and various nasty groups you speak to on a regular basis.

They Have Their Reasons

You are what you are– but Islamists have reasons to hide their true and complete identity through flipping the moderate switch and talking nice to kuffar-bureaucrats in the name of dialogue and such like, all the while taking tax-dollars and supporting all the rest of their subversive activities. It’s classical radical politics 101, and our elites and chattering classes refuse to see it because of fears of being labelled racist or intolerant, and because so much of modern identity-politics is all about radical ways and means.

That’s where we are in Canada– not as far along as Western Europe or even the USSA under Obama, but slowly being drawn along the road to ever more Islamic demands, special accommodation, shari’a-zones, and government collaboration.

You can bet MP Jason Kenney is high on the list of people who won’t be missed by the radicals amongst us, who prefer a pliable or cowardly pro-Muslim, pro-shari’a government and immigration policy, to continue the slow creep of their shariafication of Canada.

Canada: it’s ours to lose.


To let him speak in his own words (semi-reasonably enough in spots, though lots of wah-boohoo, and he does go on to blame ‘NeoCons’.. a.k.a. Zionistical Jooooos)… but remember, (1) he’s also off speaking to extremist Muslim groups, and probably not saying the same sorts of things, (2) trying to silence Tarek Fatah, and (3) working with radical pro-sharia groups like CAIR-CAN, ISNA-CAN, and others. Always follow the interconnected links!

Lawyer Faisal Kutty speaks on Civil Liberties in Canada – Nov. 25/08

Part II

6 Responses to “ISNA-Can: Soft-Jihad R Us”

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  2. S.B. Says:

    Mr Canucki Jihad, I wish YOU had showed “some serious intelligence and academic ability” in this post…because if you had, you would have noticed that ISNA has had numerous invites to the White House under George Bush. They often led or took part in prayers there with the rest of the leaders of “mainstream” religious organizations. This serious lack of research on your part really belied your points here…next time, connect the DOTS not the smudges.

    Saith Binks: The fact that Muslim Brotherhood-approved groups or individuals have wormed their way into high-profile American events is actually a bad thing, since it means that self-described “moderates” (anything but, in reality) have managed to infiltrate the establishment as the go-to guys for people who don’t know better.

    The same is true in Canada: the CAJ & CAIR-CAN get tax-payer dollars because they are the self-appointed ‘moderates’, when their connections, actual views and individuals associated with them are pretty much straight soft-Jihad central. To be associated with the useful idiots of the NDP is no proof of anything, since Taliban Jack Layton sympathizes with the enemies of Canada in all shapes and ideologies.

    A good number of Islamists (according to the Muslim doctrine of taqqiyya) have a friendly-to-kuffars public personae, and then what they really think (sometimes seen in ‘muslim-only’ events, or even in public).

    Please try and insist that Hamas or The Muslim Brotherhood are not Islamist. Go ahead. Then try and prove that ISNA, CAIR, the MSA and most of the rest of the alphabet-soup of soft-Jihadist front groups actually have nothing at all to do with the MB, in ideology, or more directly. Good luck with that.


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  5. AlKidya Says:

    I like your site Canuck.
    Are you planning a silent protest in front of the 35th Annual ISNA Canada Conference on August 15th and 16th at the “Living Arts Centre” in Mississauga?
    I will be across the street from the “Centre” and will be wearing a “silent tee”.
    “I won’t back down. You can stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won’t back down”.
    ‘Love that song.

  6. […] Mouammar, Tariq Ramadan, Imam Aly Hindy, Mohammad Fadel, Shahina Siddiqui, as well as CAIR-CAN, ISNA-Can, The Canadian Arab Federation, the Canadian branch of the MSU, or any other of the Muslim […]

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