More Pointy Logic

March 20, 2009

~ ITEM: SHARI’A SEPARATISM– CAIR seeking special rights for Muslim cabbies in Cleveland.

~ MMM-KAY, SO CAIR-US (CLEVELAND) WANTS sharia-separatism: that is, one (higher Islamic) law for the true believers, and the dirty infidel laws for the unbelievers. Step one in the endless stairway to Islamical paradise on earth.


That means CAIR-CAN supports such shari’a-separatism too, since they are the same organization in different countries.  How do we prove this? easy-peasy lemon-squeezie! CAIR-CAN hasn’t released a specific public message disassociating themselves from this new hate-initiative of CAIR-USA.

Silence implies complicity.

We’re Wa-a-aiting!

Of course, if and when Kutty & Co. at CAIR-CAN do release their specific rejection and rebuttal of  all shari’a separatism in North America and Europe, we’ll gladly post it here. Along with their theoretical rejection of the Muslim Brotherhood & the Project, and all the other particular nasty bits of full-bore soft-Jihad supremacism, anti-semitism, Hamas-love, and general all-round kuffar-hating.

We’re waiting. And we expect to never see such press-releases from CAIR-CAN, or ISNA-Can, or MSA-CAN, because.. they are all about soft-Jihad, and shari’a supremacism, and preparing the way for world-Caliphate.

Follow The Reason

Isn’t logic a pesky thing? Of course, aside from a brief flowering of philosophical Islam a millennium ago, Allah isn’t bound by logic or the law of self-contradiction, nor are his militant followers. Logic? That’s for stinking polytheistic kuffars, and their rational ‘incarnate Word’.

For you pro-CAIR commenters, don’t just retort with illogical and rhetorical gems like “You only say that because you’re a stinking kuffar”, or “You are ignorant and misinformed”. Whatevers, folks: just follow the logic.

  1. CAIR-Cleveland supports shari’a separatism (and CAIR-USA does not specifically disavow CAIR-Cleveland in this regard)
  2. CAIR-CAN does not specifically disavow CAIR-USA/ Cleveland in this regard


CAIR-CAN implicitly supports shari’a separatism.

In order to logically disprove this argument, you must disprove item 1 or 2 or both: that is, to demonstrate that (1) CAIR-USA does not support shari’a supremacism, and/ or (2) that CAIR-CAN  has in fact specifically disassociated itself from this and other similar Wahhabist positions of its parent-group.

We await the evidence. No tantrums or lame-assed death-threats, please.

Guilty, Guilty, Guilty

Until then, CAIR-CAN stands guilty by association. Shame on them. Wahhabism sucks, and Canadians deserve better than such stupid-making bronze-age fanaticism.

Just saying, is all.


Logic: Prickly, But Pretty Much Irresistable
Logic: Prickly, But Pretty Much Super-Irresistable!

5 Responses to “More Pointy Logic”

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  3. Lynn Says:

    Sent the Chair of the Aviation Committee a copy of the Senate letter to the FBI Director relating to CAIR. He also got a copy of the news release by the FBI which has broken off all contact with CAIR. I expect he will choose to take that into consideration “IF” they even have a meet. With the federal lawsuit going on, I don’t think they will. Mayor Jackson is not a cupcake.

    Dear Lynn:

    You get it. You so TOTALLY get it. This is not about my website, but about ordinary citizens standing up, passing on info, and making the difference where you are. This elf bows to your courage, and officially enters you into the order of Binky’s Warrior-Elves, with all the rights and apprutenances thereunto appertaining.


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