Tariq, Obama, and Evil, Oh My

March 23, 2009

~ ITEM: ACLU argues to reverse US visa ban on Muslim Brotherhood heir, Tariq Ramadan

~ ITEM: Obama embracing and legitimizing the Muslim Brotherhood.


~ REMEMBER: THE UNITED STATES is The Great Satan: the ultimate target of Jihadism, after Israel: the source and guarantor of freedom and democracy for the West. So the alphabet-soup of soft-Jihad shari’a supremacist groups in the United Sates: CAIR, ISNA, MSA, and the rest, all working away at The Project, as conceived of by The Muslim Brotherhood. It’s an open conspiracy, and doesn’t involve bombs and guns for the most part– so it gets under the radar as stealth jihad.

The Bad News

Sad to say, the United States has been well and truly inflitrated, and such groups have no little establishment cred, despite their connections with international terrorism, and their intended goal of subverting the law, government, constitution, and freedoms of the United States. Shari’a uber alles: all shall bend the knee unto Islam, Islamic law, and practice.

The old ban against Tariq Ramadan entering the United States was part of a half-sensible post-9/11 policy of the Bush Administration, which was carefully worn down over time, especially by sharia-fronters CAIR & ISNA. We can expect Tariq’s ban to be lifted under the new appeasement regime of “Love Me, Please” Obama, and Hilary “Our Friends.. and Isral” Clinton, amongst others in the new administration.

The Worse News

What is most alrming is if this report is true: Obama embracing and legitimizing the Muslim Brotherhood. That would include all the alphabet-soup groups, too. This is a capitualation to Jihadist ideology in the name of dialogue and tolerance, and Obama’s “new face” towards Islam. Opportunistic as ever, such groups will be quick to insinuate themselves into government and advisory positions on policy– that’s only common-sense: it’s what any advocacy group would do.

Except– these guys are working to conquer The Great Satan, not press for a cause or some new policy. And only months into office, Obama will be making it all the easier for The Project to be accomplished.

The new American President is certainly writing his page in the history books– but not, perhaps, good pages in the history of America, the West, and the cause of freedom against militant soft-Jihadism.



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