Canada Pushes Back

March 24, 2009


Lots of news, no time to comment, except to remind you all that this site is intended as a collection and commentary on all the fine work being done across Canada by attentive writers, bloggers, and journalists on the issue of Islamism: each one an ordinary hero, a simple patriot, a faithful Canadian.

Read, ponder, make the connections from the following important links, pass them on to others. The Islamist establishment in this country is getting some unwanted exposure and push-back. Let’s keep it up.

Canada: it’s ours to lose.


~ Canadian taxpayers funding CAIR’s radical Muslim propaganda (MUST READ)

~ SHE-LMO: “Wahida’s shocking assumption: The lovely and talented Wahida Valiante, Elmo’s successor as president of the Canadian Islamic Congress, sets the, ahem, “presumptuous” National Post straight”

~ SHAIDLE: ‘Ransom note racism’ targets moderate, conservative Canadian Muslim

~ DEBORAH GYAPONG: “Things are heating up in the sweepstakes for the most incompetent department of Canadian government to face Islamic radicalism. For a while, bets were on Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board, which, for 11 years, had the president of the extremist-sympathizing Canadian Arab Federation – big on Hamas and Hizballah – on its board. His job there was to decide who was too dangerous to let into the country.”

No taxpayer shekels for Arab hate-mongers: A Calgary Herald editorial approves of the government withholding funds from the CAF.

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