What’sa Tariq Ta Do?

March 25, 2009

ITEM: Muslim Scholar Unwelcome: Obama Lawyer *

Most modern American Catholic Universities are hardly bastions of popery and Benedict XVI fan clubs. In fact, Notre Dame seems bent on unCatholicing itself, at least in terms of who it officially allows to speak and/ or teach.

So there’s currently an uproar over an invite to the most pro-abortion President ever to ostensibly pro-life Catholic Notre Dame.. but in 2004, the tweedy set at ND had also invited none other than the Tariqster to teach– for which the Bush Administration locked the door, saying Mr. Ramadan– giving his many connections– was on the side of terrorists, rather than the U.S. and her allies.


You Can't Hide Yer Lyin' Eyes

Now, word has it the Obama White House is also keeping Ramadan out, outraging the usual suspects, who were hoping for a quick doors-and-windows open policy, reversing all the national security priorities of the previous President.

What with the Dutch looking closely at him, and now the Americans standing firm, perhaps the stink emanating from Mr. Tariq Ramadan has finally begun to stick to him, and his gravy-days as a smooth operator stealth-jihadist may be winding up. We can only hope.

Whether this is a matter of principle, or convenience, at the U.S. State Department remains to be seen.

Why not see if we get him kept out of Canada? He’s not a citizen, has just as many ugly associations and connections as George Galloway, and he’s been here before and had his say. Forked-tongue devils, depart!


* Link contributed by Annie Lessard of Evil, of the fine Point De Bascule website.

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