Mo’ Sheema!

April 16, 2009

Sharia Uber Alles!

Scaramouche is on the case:

“Campaigners: Sheema Khan, CAIR-CAN founder and occasional Globe and Mail columnist, continues her campaign to persuade gullible infidels that we have nothing to fear from sharia. In today’s piece, she says Canadians should take a page from the Saudis, who have develped a program to “re-educate” violent radicals.”

We’ve previously covered the lovely & talented Islamofascist Ms. Khan in this posting.


3 Responses to “Mo’ Sheema!”

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  2. Roger Says:

    Ms. Khan(a.k.a. Con-job Khan) gave evidence at the Arar Inquiry where she tried to fool Justice O’Connor with CAIR’s bogus “Islamophobia” Survey that was only done with Muslim/Arab MalContents or Foreign Students at York and U.of T. .
    CAIR and Khan have consistently bashed canada as a Racist Anti-Arab nation of non-Muslim bigots,CAIR also boasts about how our prisons and jails are filled with mostly non-Muslim canadians, CAIR also claims that Muslims have the Hishest Education and lowest Unemployment compared to Canadian born people.
    I actually followed the Inquiry and Maher Arar is about as innocent as O.J. and Michael Jackson , Arar’s lawyers didn’t want a real Trial because the risk of a Guilty conviction was to great after all the RCMP evidence about his Gun Permit and second home in Boston near a radical Mosque and near the Airport used during 9/11.
    Even after the evidence came out that the RCMP searched Arar’s Ottawa house and found Hidden DATA disks and Hard drives in the walls and attic, CAIR and Khan spewed the lies to the media that Arar was on “vacation” in Tunisia after he fled canada with his family.
    The little weasel then fled Tunisia for the USA and the JFK Airport near a CAIR Office and near Nihad Awad who told CTV that he and CAIR have supported Mr.Arar since 2002 , CAIR also calimed the Arar did get a job at the Holy Land Foundation because of the Allegation he had ties to Jihadist and Hamas.
    Arar’s wife is a Pro Sharia law Palestinian and she was at a pro-hamas rally in Ottawa with Alexa McDonnough which is still posted on a pro-hamas canadian website,she also worked for the NDP and ran for then in Ottawa to get the Anti-USA/Israel vote among the Muslim/Arab population.
    CAIR coached Arar to NOT help canada expose a terrorists linked to a Ottawa Mosque which we now know was the Jihadist Momin Khawaja , and why on Earth CRA lets CAIR have a “Charity-Status” is beyond me since CAIR promote Jihad and wants a caliphate for canada run as a Whahabbi islamic State with Sharia law to mete out Justice and beheadings as the Saudis do so well.
    The O’Connor report DID NOT clear Arar of any links to Jihad support,the mandate was to see if canada aided the USA to send Arar to Jordan once he was refused entry to the USA at JFK.
    Justice Gomery exposed the Liberal farce to waste tax dollars on a legal charade where Martin and Chretien actually used the Sgt.Schultz defence that they were too stupid to be expected to know what went on under them.
    And thus we saw how not 1 Politician went to jail for the Theft of OUR money , and as for Arar he got $10’000’000.00 of OUR money just for an “Alleged” harm by Jordan which was morphed in “Torture” in Syria with not one piece of evidence by Arar himself who didn’t even show up at the Inquiry named after him.

    I always thought that Khan was a trans-gender Muslim who hides in canada as a mole for the Whahabbi masters in Saudi Arabia who fund CAIR to promote Jihad and spread Islam in canada.

  3. Roger Says:

    Just a follow-up note about the NDP’s crusade to help Maher Arar with his 2004 lawsuit against us taxpayer for $400’000’000.00 in damages for what he originally reported to the CBC as Harm done by JORDAN over a 2 week period, and NOT the Alleged “Tortue” caused by canada when he was returned to his homeland of Syria to face a Military trial as a Draft-Dodger who fled to canada as a Refugee.

    The above link PROVES that Arar’s Palestinian wife and Alexa McDonough made a free-will choice to attend a Pro-Hamas rally in Ottawa outside the Israeli Embassy.
    The NDP and Arar didn’t go after us Taxpayers until 2004 because Arar’s $30’000’000.00 lawsuit agaisnt JORDAN was tossed out of an Ontario Court in November 2003.
    We were screwed folks, this liar and weasel mislead the Media and Justice O’Connor about his Globe-Trotting to Know Terrorist producing Nations and his 1992 gun permit whic I doubt he told his Wife about.
    Arar’s own Statement to the CBC goes counter to his later story when Suing us canadians,and the NDP even used his Wife to run for them in Ottawa on a Anti-USA/Israel platform in the Muslim/Arab voter base .

    If the Arar lies keep being repeated, I will write a book to expose his scam and all the ties to Hamas and CAIR along with CAIR’s Nihad Awad comment to CTV on a video when he asserted that CAIR supported the Arar’s since 2002 , and CAIR had a Office near JFK Airport where Arar fled to from Tunis by himself and was Denied entry to the USA .

    The Arar’s and the CAIR lawyers committed legal fraud and Tax-fraud to access Tax-free income for a Court Settlement after the extortion by Demanding $400 Million to get $10.5 million with NO declaration of “Innocent” by O’Connor.

    CUPE also has ties to the Arar’s and CAIR, theyare listed on the above website for the Pro-hamas/Hezbollah Muslims in canada.
    Check out this Link to Syed Rhyhan and CUPE

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