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He Works Hard For The Money

May 26, 2009

The Tariqster

– ITEM: “Augean Stables offers a blockbuster post on Islam in Rotterdam. The following passage from a quoted piece should be cited every time Tariq Ramadan speaks anywhere about anything; let alone when he is valorised by “the left”.


JUST REMEMBER that whenever Tariq Ramadan’s suave face or well-paid stealth-jihadi moderate moderatism shows up, it’s a gig. Song and dance. Dinner and a show.

Frequent flyer to Canada Tariq is part of a vast milking-scheme of faux-moderates undermining Western Civ, whilst profiting from the victims. Tariq’s travelling magic show has dazzled many thousands, but the facts, background, associations, and real-life connections this guy has with the worst of the worst in Jihadom lays bare how the con works.

Just a reminder of what we’ve said in more detail elsewhere.

Looks like Tariq is wearing out his welcome.

Canada: It’s Ours To Lose. ~



Out In The Open

May 24, 2009

Truth Be Told

Truth Be Told

– ITEM- Opening the door to da’wa: One of many buildings people can visit this weekend during Doors Open Toronto, an annual city event, is a downtown mosque. The mosque, in a former bank building, belongs to the Muslim Association of Canada, which Maclean’s magazine has described as “a group openly supportive of the international Islamist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, and its founder Hassan al Banna.”

~ AWW, BROTHERHOOD.. isn’t that ni-i-ice? Brotherliness.. a whole civil-rights sensibility, human rights, equality of all.. and now the pro-Muslim Brotherhood nice people are being community-minded and letting people peek into their downtown mosque to show there’s no boogey-men, no scary stuff– it’s all good!


Except.. the Muslim Brotherhood is the root of the Islamo-Fascist hated behind the neo-Jihad of the later 20th and now early 21st century. Bombs? Subversion? No-go zones? Terror-funding? Taking over universities? It’s all good, and all directly or indirectly part of the Muslim Brotherhood Master-Plan.

So that a downtown Toronto mosque (on Dundas, East of University) doesn’t vehemently deny that it is associated with  the MB is a clear sign of where we are– counting on the cowardice, ignorance, and political correctness of the elites and the media.

Imagine: “We’re just the Aryan Booster Society, inspired by the teachings of Corporal Schicklegruber. We love marching, camping, ceremonial, and talking about world politics. Come in for tea, won’t you?”

But we’re not supposed to talk about that.. nor polygamy, honour-killing, wife-beating, cultural and legal separatism, child-marriage, terror-sympathies, anti-Canadianism, anti-Semitism, paranoia, or anything else to do with the darker side of Canadian Islam, and the extremism of more recent waves of immigrants from Muslim lands.

This Toronto Mosque should be under CSIS and police surveillance, with their banking and donations records reviewed, and be treated as a terror-supporting group by the government. The Muslim Brotherhood is all about stealth-jihad, sharia supremacism, and terrorism and cruelty as needed.

It’s a simple fact in North America & Europe: (a) many mosques are deeply radicalized, and (b) radical mosques make for Jihad-Sharia supremacists, terror-candidates, and general trouble for the country. It’s handy when such recruitment-centres for evil advertise themselves as such, if only we have the courage to do then what must needs be done.

Canada: It’s Ours To Lose. ~

Binks, Infidel WebElf

Fun With Terror-Havens

May 6, 2009

Mahmoud Yadegari, Islamist Rat Bastard

Mahmoud Yadegari, Islamist Rat Bastard

~ ITEM: CANUCKISTANToronto man admits to terror plot in surprise plea: Saad Khalid pleads guilty to one count of participating in terrorist organization’s plots against targets in Toronto”; Sob story of the day: ‘Canadian’ who tried to send nuclear devices to Iran denied bail.

There’s the benefit of the doubt; and then there’s wilful blindness.

Canadians are generally a peaceable lot, and willing to live and let live– and yet for some immigrant and/ or militant Muslims, that’s Not A Good Thing. There’s the Jihad to be at, you know; and sharia law to promote, and the infidels to bring under the sword of Muhammad. Such a busy time of it, to be sure.

There is no redeeming the world in Islam: only conquest and subjugation of the infidel, using their own laws and weapons, principles and weaknesses against them, where possible.

So yet more plots from busy-bee Jihadists. Not a word of condemnation for their activities from CAIR or Elmasry or the usual scabby band of talking heads in our midst. It’s all an anomaly, dontcha know– no matter how consistent the profile, or constant the religion of the offender, be the plot never so vile or traitorous.

The Jihad is here in Canada. The goal is our overthrow as a secular nation of laws. The busybodies may only number in the thousands, but that means little enough.

We may muddle through: but surely it is better to act than react. This is a good land worth passing on an building and restoring from the ravages of Trudeaupianism, the kangaroo courts, and all the other aspects of forgetful Canuckistani stupidity which has beset us over the past two generations.


Sadly, we may do for ourselves what the Jihadist would wish; to silence the loyal and active opposition in our midst for the sake of the secular jihad. That will leave us ripe for the taking, for utopianism is a hollow sham, a pretty picture and dream as insubstantial and unworthy as the suicide bomber’s imagined heavenly whorehouse of 72 perpetual virgins.