RCMP & Saudi-backed Muslims

June 3, 2009


– ITEM – OH, CANADA– RCMP uncomfortably close to Canadian Saudi backed Muslims.. and the inevitable CAIR-Canada connections

~ IF YOU ARE A SMART infiltrator, you make yourself look moderate and useful to the authorities. We’ve already mentioned how closely Islamist types have been busy on Capital Hill in Ottawa and especially with the NDP Party.

Now, word comes via the Vlad Tepes blog that CAIR-Can relations, briefing papers and talking points are shaping some aspects of the RCMP’s thinking on Islamic groups– even those with a sharia-supremacist agenda bent on overthrowing Canadian society, law, and other religions. Being multicultural is nice and tolerant and friendly-making, supposedly.

Happy Fun Trip -- Muslims & RCMPers

Happy Fun Trip -- Muslims & RCMPers

Sad to say, since the 1980’s the RCMP has also proven itself the willing tool of gender and racial quotas in hiring, and as a corruptible sidekick to the previous Liberal government under Jean Chretien’s mafia-ish administration.

As in the United States, what we need is some clear– if painful and unpopular– analysis of the jihadist/ supremacist culture, mindset, and tactics. This will aid the RCMP and CSIS in tracking and understanding violent and non-violent jihadism and subversion in Canada and else where, and the connections with the United States and the wider world. Political correctness and institutional cowardice may make this new way unlikely, but stranger things have happened.

For Examples?

The tail-end of the Bush Years saw two examples of the needed approach (though we likely won’t see such again during the Hussein years).

STEPHEN COUGHLIN: Former Pentagon Islamic Law Expert— Thesis: ‘To Our Great Detriment’: Ignoring What Extremists Say about Jihad


UNITED STATES CENTRAL COMMAND RED TEAMFreedom of Speech in Jihad Analysis: Debunking the Myth of Offensive Words

Canada was never an island safe apart, and since the invention of international jihadist terrorism by Yasser Arafat and his Paleostinian assassins, we have been a safe-haven, funding source, and somewhat lazy opponent to the Jihadi war against the West.

Otherwise, we might want to change the ‘C’ in RCMP to an Islamic crescent moon.

We bin warned.

Canada: It’s Ours To Lose. ~

3 Responses to “RCMP & Saudi-backed Muslims”

  1. This comment is not related to the topic. It is to inform you that I translated an article by Tarek Fatah:

    “F**k Canada” – Ou la manière canado-arabe de célébrer la Fête nationale


  2. I also posted it on a French blog with a large readership across Europe and elsewhere. Our friends from CAF will now have a global reputation of infamy.


  3. […] on Blazing’s posting, it well behooves us to ask: who else in government, the military, the RCMP, or in Federal/ Provincial/ local politics is serving Allah & the dreamt-of world-wide […]

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