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The Face Of The Respectable Jihad

July 3, 2009
Perfesser Fadel, U of Toronto

Soft-Jihadi Perfesser Fadel, U of Toronto

~ WHY SOME EXPERTS SHOULD BE IGNORED: Toronto 18 member’s jihad texts don’t call for violence in Canada: expert. That expert? “Mohammad Fadel, a University of Toronto professor.”

Let’s scratch the surface, shall we?

He’d be a pimp for the sharia Islamic finance scam, making crap up about gender equality under Islam; and (of course) connected to the Islamo-Supremacist groups like CAIR-CAN, ISNA, the Muslim Students Association, and speaking at the Saudi-Bought & Paid For ‘Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding‘ at Georgetown University.

Abusing Our Country

Of course, he’s allowed to have his opinions in Canada– but nobody should ever listen to him without realizing that his views serve the soft/ stealth jihad. That is, he’s an intellectual in a similar way to the politically correct bots who serve in many university faculties– exceot his monomaniacal obsession is Islam, and turning North America into a part of the New Caliphate according to the will of Allah. Under that regime, all but Muslims are to be 4th-class citizens under special taxes, religious punishment, and cultural oppression.  Stinking infidels deserve nothing more.

Just Another Usual Suspect

So the next time this Islamo-puppet pops up for the usual dog-and-monkey show of dissembling, half-truths, and allowable Islamo-lying for the Jihad (taqqiyah), be aware he’s just another salesman for an ideology, and not a truth-speaker, or ‘professor’ of the true and good things of academic sacrifice and effort. He’s selling fool’s gold and cubic zirconia, not gold or diamonds.

Jesus said that the truth sets us free, and that the devil is the father of lies. That goes for taqqiyah, too: it’s all about the brimstone.

Canada: it’s ours to lose. ~