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Smooth Operator

August 19, 2009


ITEM: Tariq Ramadan Gets the Sack

~ HE’S BEEN ON the teat for years as a ‘moderate’ Muslim advisor to various groups and facilities, though his roots and deep ideas are hard-core Islamist. As I put it recently:

Frequent flyer to Canada Tariq is part of a vast milking-scheme of faux-moderates undermining Western Civ, whilst profiting from the victims. Tariq’s travelling magic show has dazzled many thousands, but the facts, background, associations, and real-life connections this guy has with the worst of the worst in Jihadom lays bare how the con works.

Thank heavens people are wising up to this snake-oil salesman, and may more and more figure out who and what he is, so he won’t be living comfortably on his lies any more.