The Tariqster Shows Up

December 3, 2009

~ ITEM: Taqiyya Master Ramadan on Swiss Minaret Ban

~ ITEM: Tariq Ramadan… an Islamist extremist in sheep’s clothing

~ LO AND BEHOLD, if you spread the manure, the flies come.

So when militant Muslims in Switzerland decide to tell everybody else what the rules are, they get push-back. Rent-a-pundit and Islamist sneakster Tariq Ramadan to the rescue! That he’s born there doesn’t matter, of course– it’s a Muslim Matter™, and everybody else is to blame but them.

Revealing the roots of the matter, how about a dose of the usual same old– “It’s The Jooooooooz!” Now, of course, Islamic anti-Semitism is as old as Muhammed’s various hateful comments and commands– but it’s taken on a new and Hitler-y flavour since the 20th century.

“There are only four minarets in Switzerland, so why is it that it is there that this initiative has been launched? My country, like many in Europe, is facing a national reaction to the new visibility of European Muslims. The minarets are but a pretext – the UDC wanted first to launch a campaign against the traditional Islamic methods of slaughtering animals but was afraid of testing the sensitivity of Swiss Jews, and instead turned its sights on the minaret as a suitable symbol.”

“Jooos” is the answer– now, what was the question?

Sadly, alleged intellectual Tariq is so blinded by The Usual Suspects that he cannot really engage with legitimate Swiss, European, or Christian concerns, since Islam is true, all else is false, and reason is Allah’s Bitch.

Tariq is a hack, a past-master at dissembling for Allah, a profiteering exploiter of naive multicultists, and an all-purpose expert for soothing the infidels.He has to prove that he’s not up to all that, before we need to listen to him.

Shut up, Tariq. ~

3 Responses to “The Tariqster Shows Up”

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  2. Roger Says:

    For a few years now I have tried to educate people about the NDP/Arar/CAIR/Hamas/Palestine connection to poison canadians into a hatred for jews and out Troops in Afghanistan.

    Please look for yourself at this link where a Pro-hamas group in Canada exalts Alexa McDonough because she a Maher Arar’s wife attended a pro-hamas rally in Ottawa.
    Remember……the NDP was in full support of CAIR’s launching of Arar’s $400’000’000.00 dollar Lawsuit for what Jordan did to him before he was returned to his homeland of Syria for a Military trial as a Draft-Dodger who fled to canada.

    Don’t think for one moment that the NDP won’t get some of Arar’s $$$millions , they already helped the University of Ottawa Law Dept. get a Scholarship fund to fight for Human Rights in canada.
    CAIR even hosted a “Victory Dinner” after the Settlement to shut him up even when no evidence was presented to prove Torture that was caused by canada.
    read-up on Nihad Awad and his hamas background because HE was the CAIR PR man during a CTV interview where he claimed that CAIR suported maher Arar when he had a Home in Boston backing in 2001 , a home right near a Militant Mosque and the same Airport used on 9/11 by Muslim hijackers.

    Isn’t it odd how Arar no longer cares about Justice in his lawsuit against the USA now that he used us suckers to extort millions with a threat of a $400 million dollar Suit and cries of Racial-Profiling and Islamophobia.

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