RIS-8? Kumbayah, It Ain’t…

December 27, 2009

Hamas Flag

~ ITEM: Photos from Toronto Gaza Freedom March; Enter the crazies

~ JUST A COUPLE follow-ups on the ‘Puny Kuffars‘ post.

(1) As the JDL laid out in their letter to Jason Kenney, the RIS charade includes a veritable Islamo-fascist who’s whom of anti-semites, terror-supporters & sympathizers, scammers, scumbags and radicals on their speaker’s list.

These are not a ‘peaceful’ integrationist bunch, but extremists representing themselves as the mainstream to 17000 attendees, many of them young and seeking to learn more about their faith. Some of these characters should even not be allowed into Canada for a visit, let alone allowed to spread their message here.

A Few Questions

So we ask the organizers:

(1) Is Canadian Islam that radical? Or are you seeking to make it moreso, via young Canadian Muslims? Or both?

This convention is not organized by any organization and does not engage in any ideological discourse. It showcases Islamic leadership from across the globe sharing a common platform before the widest cross section of our community. This program hopes to empower the youth across North America and inspire a true revival. “A Unique Youth Effort”

(2) ‘Coincidentally’, a hate-rally was planned for outside the Evil Zionistical JewLand Embassy on Bloor, while this ‘happy make nice’ RIS Radical Islamopalooza was underway downtown. However, your conference…

It’s about “living the ideas of being a Muslim and being true to your faith but as part of a broader society,” said Nadir Shirazi, one of the organizers of the conference and the CEO of a diversity training company.

Is this ritualized and habitual hate a true part of your religion? Do such actions reflect well 0n your conference, and the place of Muslims in the broader Canadian and world-society? Or is it just more of the same old have your freedom-cake, and eat it, too.. dripping with hate-sauce?

(3) On your RIS-8 Conference Sponsors page, we read:

Gold Sponsor:
International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy (irfan.ca)

Sponsored. By. Terrorists.

The what-now?

According to the association of Palestinian Canadians, the Hamas group’s parent organization is the International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy, which, we have just learned, is a Canadian organization that has tax deductible status. In other words, the Hamas front group can use its parent body to raise these funds and get a tax receipt.

RIS-8 = Sponsored. By. Terrorists.

Imagine a massive downtown Toronto Christian conference partly sponsored by the Real IRA, or KKK, or Neo-Nazis. And remember: in Canada, Hamas is an illegal terrorist organization, whether at one remove via a pretty-sounding charity-group or not.

Thus & Therefore

Assuming that conference-organizers such as ‘diversity trainer‘ Nadir Shirazi and the rest are neither nitwits or stooges, this means that mainstream Islam in Canada is happily (or negligently) supporting and being supported by Hamas– a horrible war-mongering anti-semitic Islamo-mafia which tortures and murders Israelis, Palestinians, and whomever else it wants, in the name of Jihad, and works for the destruction of Israel and extermination of Jews.

Nadir Shirazi

By implication (barring any public denunciations we’ve not heard as yet), it also means that the organizers, speakers, and various congregations supporting this conference are theoretically happy with what Hamas says, does, and represents– if indeed willing to take their money, and advertise such sponsorship. Not all attendees or even some sponsors might know the connection, but the leaders cannot claim to be so innocent– especially for not making the connection plain. Like Hamas much, Tariq?

A full list of sponsors and partners abstracted from the RIS website is available on this sub-page, and via the original site (at least for n0w).

Finally, And In Conclusion

Terrorist-y & extremist speakers, sponsored partly by illegal terrorist-group Hamas, with a ‘coincidental’ hate-march, in the urban heart of Canada. It’s Mordor with a little stealth, a dose of lying, and some good PR spin. It’s all part of a master-plan —  known as ‘The Project‘– being foisted on the West from within.

What can you do?

  • Speak out.. spread the word.. pass this info around.
  • Write your MP & MLA.Insist on the law being upheld, and no-fly restrictions on pro-terror individuals attempting to visit this country.
  • Learn more.
  • Consider boycotting businesses and groups that support the RIS pro-extremist conferences, and venues (like the Royal York Hotel, or the Metro Toronto Convention Centre) which accommodate such events. Let them know about the terror-connection.
  • Truly moderate Muslims must speak out, for this is all being done in their name, and as if the RIS speaks for them, too. Radicalizing Canadian Islam is bad for everyone who loves this country.

Such facts speak for themselves. The Jihad– soft and hard– is here, and Canada stands in the balance: it’s ours to lose. ~


7 Responses to “RIS-8? Kumbayah, It Ain’t…”

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  2. old white guy Says:

    our failure to understand the evil that is islam will be our undoing. the islamic jihad will not stop. my head almost explodes everytime i hear some idiot talk about moderate muslims. there aint no such animal.

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  4. Roger Says:

    IRFAN was the same Org. that showed its face at the Mississauga “MuslimFest” and co-sponsored by CAIR/CAIR-Canada.
    During the Hezballah Terrorism of 2006 (towards a Democratic U.N. Member State) it was that August MuslimFest where I saw IRFAN asking for Donations to support their Muslims Brothers in Lebanon against the Oppressive occupiers killing civilian.
    The real tragedy was that Liberal MP Parrish is in a Arab new article claiming that MuslimFest was great and all non-Muslims should go to it to benefit from it.
    Little did MP Parrish know that a Website Outside of canada had posted news that CAIR would have Workshops for Muslim youths to know their mission of Jihad for Allah, the website detailed how Canada must become a Caliphate under Shariah Law and that Jihad could one day be raised to Violence.

    Seems that the Lawyers at CAIR and other Pro-Shariah Org.’s know exactly how to use our Charter Of Rights and know that they must speak the “Passive-Islam” in English type or spoken words to the MSM, BUT….in private they use the strict Arab text Qurans which does teach Taqiyyah(lying for allah’s cause)to befriend us filthy pigs befor resorting to war to convert us.
    CAIR keeps saying there are close to 1’000’000 muslims in Canada, so why did only 17000 show up? Could it be that the 983’000 left are no in agreement with the RIS version of Peaceful Islam.
    Even if the 1million is right, that’s still only 1/1500th of the Muslims outside of Canada.

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