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Canucki Jihadis Cluck Out

February 10, 2009


Lots of recent goodness up over at Free Canuckistan. Go. Enjoy. Memorize. Chant in the shower.


~ FROM THE ‘It’s Not All Bad News’ Dep’t: Via The Vlad Blog: CAIR Canada drops law suit against David Harris formerly of CSIS.

Jihadi scumbots CAIR-CANADA (the slimy northern tentacle of the unindicted co-conspirators in Terror-funding, CAIR-USA), have had a long-time hate on for uppity infidel and secret-spiller David Harris. The Infidel Harris dared– DARED! — oppose the soft-jihad for sharia in Ontario, name names, and out the stealth-jihad in Canada. He’ll be one of the first up against the wall when the Jihadi-revolution comes. Fair trial, execution to follow.


We first let you all know about David Harris early on. He is an unsung hero in the Jihad Wars, and a Canadian patriot.