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Fry Those Jews!

April 20, 2011

Not “Steve Rockwell”

~ ITEM: Levant’s show raises ire of Toronto imam

~ ITEM: Blazing Cat Fur: F$cked Up Imam Steve Rockwell on Ezra

~ ITEM: John Turley-Ewart: Sharia by stealth — Ontario turns a blind eye

~ ITEM: Downtown Mosque in Toronto, ON

~ ITEM: Rockwell’s teacher (for whom his little storefront mosque is named), Ahmad Deedat

~ ITEM: Deedat had Shaikh Zakir Naik as a student: “Dr. Zakir Naik, who has said “every Muslim should be a terrorist” and that Jews are “our staunchest enemy,” was to headline next month’s Journey of Faith Conference — which is billed as one of North America’s largest Islamic conferences and is expected to attract upward of 10,000 people

~ ITEM: Steve Rockwell, an Imam from Ontario who hosts a program called “Call of the Minaret.”

~ ITEM: More on Deedat— “In Durban, the Islamic Propagation Center International has long been financed by the bin Laden family in Saudi Arabia, and its founder, Ahmed Deedat, who is now dead, was a vocal anti-Semite and ardent backer of Osama bin Laden.”

~ AS THIS SEMI-regular website has tried to point out, the Jihad is here in unicorn-friendly mostly harmless Canuckistan.

The other day, SUN-TV got off to a reasonable start, including my friend & fellow-blogger Ezra Levant & his new show The Source. He talked about his prosecution over the Motoon business (vid above).

Then, some improbably-name store-front Imam named ‘Steve Rockwell’ (no relation to Sam, we’re presuming) launched on Ezra The Jew’s showing of the old-news Danish Mohammed Cartoons with some particularly horrid comments about frying Jews.

Let’s lift the rock, and see what’s scurrying around under there.

It’s A Small World After All

Shake-N-Bake Deedat, crackle crackle crackle

It’s all available for folks who want to do a little research on the interwebs, hence– Deedat (now dead) was an accomplished stealth-Jihadist, via the spin-meistering of “inter-religious dialogue”. Doodah got buckets of loot from Bin Laden Senior [to found the the Durban, South Africa-based Islamic Propagation Centre International (IPCI)], and was a rabid supporter of Bin Laden Junior, and a world-class Jew-hater.

Via Blazing Catfur:

“According to Imam Rockwell all the unmitigated aggression, terrorist acts, the rape pillage and murder of Infidels and apostates that occur daily throughout the world are being done by misunderstanders of Islam. Got that?”

Rockwell’s Crib

So Mr. Rockwell is the ‘student’ of a horrid hater with connections to international terrorism, and shares a mentor with a banned anti-semite pro-terror Imam Naik, also a ‘student’ of old Doodaday.

Ezra was exercising his rights as a Canadian, an author, a journalist, a former politician, past publisher to speak about the Danish Mohammed Cartoons– which are still news, if anybody out there is paying attention. The impromptu death-squads are still angling at this moment to take out some infidel effing Danes.

“Steve”: go home. This is Canada, and not Pakiwhackifrakistan. Sharia is demonic nonsense, along with your fascist religion.

Just lift the rock.. it’s all there if you want to see it. Canada; it’s ours to lose. ~



Spot The H8ter!

January 27, 2009

Binky Corps:

Fresh goodness just online: Steynian 316. And:

~ SOFT-JIHADI TANTRUM? Victims R Us: “The Canadian Arab Federation, which helped organize the pro-Hamas rallies in Toronto, and which vocally champions the genocidal jihadis in their “resistance” against the Jews, posts a report by the American Arab anti-Defamation Committee (ADC) detailing the “discrimination” and “Islamophobia” faced by Arabs in the U.S.” ~


~ LOOKS LIKE A A Major Da’Wa (Islamic propagation) Dump! TVO: “The Meaning of Jihad“– Shabir Ally, Mohammad Fadel, Tarek Fatah, Aly Hindy, Muqtedar Khan; ALY HINDY (see vid above) Canadian Imam Praises Suicide Bombing …. (

Hurray for asplody-killing? Ah, the lovely & talented Mr. Hindy, d’ya ‘spose he’ll ever be called to account for hate-speech? When Mo’ Elmasry said every Israeli Jew over 18 was a fair target, he bobbed and weaved and saved his ass, but outed himself and his group as haters, Jihadis, and promoters of unCanadianism.


Egyptian-born Aly Hindy is the current Imam of the extremist Salaheddin Islamic Centre in Scarborough, Canada; he’s the defiantly shariaist pro-polygamy guy behind GTA’s secret world of polygamy; Google more of his words and antics here.

Since they’re not the scary Muslims, the MCC’s call “MCC urges police to lay charges against polygamous Muslim men” for Aly and his ilk to be investigated has been ignored by Ontario authorities, official feminists, or the Human Rights Brigades. Ontaristan is falling into cowardice– at least in the Greater Toronto Megalopolis. Can’t poke those buzzing sharia enclaves with a stick– might get stung.

So, Binks-corps– what else can we dig up on this scumbag?


Imam Aly Hindy’s previous job.

YouTube – Video distributed in Aly Hindy’s Parking Lot