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Chickens Say What-now?

November 14, 2009

~ ITEM:no contact info. Since people who usually spew scum, lies and hate are too chicken sh*t to face up to it.”

~ ITEM: The New About Page

~ INTERESTINGLY, some cranky Binks-hating person writing from the Toronto Star server (see below) wrote to insult my terrible self about being a gutless wanker (who usually spew scum, lies and hate) for not leaving contact info on the Canucki Jihad site.

Forgot to ever write that one– my bad. I’ve since rectified that, but it’s interesting that this critic does not them-self provide ID or contact for themselves, except an obviously fake What’s chicken poop for the rooster is thus for the hen? Harpoon, is that you? Zerb?

The good news is, somebody from the TorStar actually visited my site– where I generally try to state facts and links to accurate information and contrary opinions than the Islamically-correct.. which apparently is an unforgivable sin to some TorStar blowhard and/ or their relative/ friend. Well done for me, then.

Get over yourself, provide a real e-mail addy, and let’s talk, shall we? Or perhaps you’d rather just anonymously spew scum, lies and hate.

Cluck, cluck. ~

Binks, WebElf


Whois  :

OrgName:    Toronto Star
OrgID:      TSNL
Address:    One Yonge Street
Address:    Group IT
City:       Toronto
StateProv:  ON
PostalCode: M5E-1E6
Country:    CA
NetRange: –
NetName:    TORSTAR