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Fry Those Jews!

April 20, 2011

Not “Steve Rockwell”

~ ITEM: Levant’s show raises ire of Toronto imam

~ ITEM: Blazing Cat Fur: F$cked Up Imam Steve Rockwell on Ezra

~ ITEM: John Turley-Ewart: Sharia by stealth — Ontario turns a blind eye

~ ITEM: Downtown Mosque in Toronto, ON

~ ITEM: Rockwell’s teacher (for whom his little storefront mosque is named), Ahmad Deedat

~ ITEM: Deedat had Shaikh Zakir Naik as a student: “Dr. Zakir Naik, who has said “every Muslim should be a terrorist” and that Jews are “our staunchest enemy,” was to headline next month’s Journey of Faith Conference — which is billed as one of North America’s largest Islamic conferences and is expected to attract upward of 10,000 people

~ ITEM: Steve Rockwell, an Imam from Ontario who hosts a program called “Call of the Minaret.”

~ ITEM: More on Deedat— “In Durban, the Islamic Propagation Center International has long been financed by the bin Laden family in Saudi Arabia, and its founder, Ahmed Deedat, who is now dead, was a vocal anti-Semite and ardent backer of Osama bin Laden.”

~ AS THIS SEMI-regular website has tried to point out, the Jihad is here in unicorn-friendly mostly harmless Canuckistan.

The other day, SUN-TV got off to a reasonable start, including my friend & fellow-blogger Ezra Levant & his new show The Source. He talked about his prosecution over the Motoon business (vid above).

Then, some improbably-name store-front Imam named ‘Steve Rockwell’ (no relation to Sam, we’re presuming) launched on Ezra The Jew’s showing of the old-news Danish Mohammed Cartoons with some particularly horrid comments about frying Jews.

Let’s lift the rock, and see what’s scurrying around under there.

It’s A Small World After All

Shake-N-Bake Deedat, crackle crackle crackle

It’s all available for folks who want to do a little research on the interwebs, hence– Deedat (now dead) was an accomplished stealth-Jihadist, via the spin-meistering of “inter-religious dialogue”. Doodah got buckets of loot from Bin Laden Senior [to found the the Durban, South Africa-based Islamic Propagation Centre International (IPCI)], and was a rabid supporter of Bin Laden Junior, and a world-class Jew-hater.

Via Blazing Catfur:

“According to Imam Rockwell all the unmitigated aggression, terrorist acts, the rape pillage and murder of Infidels and apostates that occur daily throughout the world are being done by misunderstanders of Islam. Got that?”

Rockwell’s Crib

So Mr. Rockwell is the ‘student’ of a horrid hater with connections to international terrorism, and shares a mentor with a banned anti-semite pro-terror Imam Naik, also a ‘student’ of old Doodaday.

Ezra was exercising his rights as a Canadian, an author, a journalist, a former politician, past publisher to speak about the Danish Mohammed Cartoons– which are still news, if anybody out there is paying attention. The impromptu death-squads are still angling at this moment to take out some infidel effing Danes.

“Steve”: go home. This is Canada, and not Pakiwhackifrakistan. Sharia is demonic nonsense, along with your fascist religion.

Just lift the rock.. it’s all there if you want to see it. Canada; it’s ours to lose. ~



JihadStock 2010– Torontistan

June 23, 2010

~ ITEM: Blarting CatFur: Jewish Defence League to Picket “Jihadstock”; and JEWISH DEFENCE LEAGUE OF CANADA OPEN LETTER TO THE GOVERNMENT OF CANADA takes on JihadStock ’10

~ ITEM: Controversial Muslim televangelist Zakir Naik banned from Toronto conference

~ ITEM: Videos for The Journey of Faith Conference; and Journey of Faith – 3rd Annual Islamic Conference

~ ITEM: Imam Saed Rageah; plus Toronto-area imam accused of preaching hate; and Imam tries to calm fears about missing Somali-Canadians

~ OK, SO HERE’S THE THING. We’ve got an either-or going on.

A Toronto Conference gets planned. Someone says “Hey, let’s invite Naik!” Everybody else presumably knows or should care who and what this guy is, or that attracting controversy to their Conference as free advertising might be a mixed blessing.

“Dr. Zakir Naik, who has said “every Muslim should be a terrorist” and that Jews are “our staunchest enemy,” was to headline next month’s Journey of Faith Conference — which is billed as one of North America’s largest Islamic conferences and is expected to attract upward of 10,000 people.”

Look, It's "Slap Your Bitches, Hate Dem Jews, & Be A Terrorist" Naik

The Conference organizers invite Naik. Headlines ensue.

  1. Did they or did they not know his reputation?
  2. Did they mean to invite a bad guy or not?
  3. Discuss.

Or.. did they get caught trying to smuggle yet another hateful terror-loving Islamo-supremacist into Canuckistan to fortify the believers and brainwash the multitudes, and get caught? Shoulda called the KY-Jelly man of Islamo-smoothness, good old  Tariq Ramadan, instead.

Big Big Monies

Like the big-time RIS-8 Conference 6 months ago, the Journey of Faith – 3rd Annual Islamic Conference is apparently rolling in dough, having rented the Toronto Convention Centre and two rather different websites (the second of which features Zakir Naik as the Main Event). The full list of speakers is here. Click this link for the deets on the creeps on that list.

Lost Little Sheeps

Sad to say for one of the leading sponsors,

“Imam Saed Rageah, whose Toronto mosque, the Abu Huraira Centre, made headlines last fall after a group of young worshippers vanished and were feared to have joined a Somali militant group.”

Gosh.. has anyone found them yet? Perhaps we could put their faces on milk-cartons? It’s always uncomfortable & awkward when folks disappear from congregations. Maybe the Imam shouldn’t have preached that his Mosque observe Yom Kippur, Christmas, & Diwali this year.

Then again can you guess who this might be?  “[A] Toronto-area imam is being accused of using derogatory language against Jews and Christians, calling for Allah to “destroy” the enemies of Islam from within and calling on God to “damn” the “infidels.” He-e-e-e-ere’s Raggy!

Al-Qaeda? 9/11 Terrorists, You Say?

Poor Raggy is no stranger to controversy on the larger stage, either: “… the FBI claimed Imam Rageah had been fundraising for the Global Relief Foundation, a charity that was allegedly tied to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda” and “During the investigation into the 9/11 attacks, it emerged that two of the hijackers who crashed a plane into the Pentagon, Nawaf al Hazmi and Khalid al Mihdhar, had left their belongings at the [Ayah Islamic Centre] mosque two days before the attacks” … where coincidentally enough our very own Saed Rageah was the Imam!

It's Raggy!

That Raggy has 9/11 and Al-Quaeda connections is not surprising. After all, such “coincidences’ popped up at RIS-8, and anywhere you look at radical Muslims inspired by the islamic Brootherhood. Keeping secrets and scheming and supporting the War On Infidel and talking smoothly to whitey is all part of it. That’s why, although the Western legal standard is innocent until proven guilty, for Terror-connected islam-supremacists with scary friends and associations, it’s better to demand that they prove they are clean from Islamo-fascism and Muslim Brotherhood inspiration.

I’m willing to bet that JihadStock-’10 is RIS-8: 2.0, with the same buttery-soft stealth-jihad outside with the crunchy “You Shall Be Our Slaves, O Infidels” middle. As I’ve said before, The Muslim Brotherhood agenda is all about cultural and political domination of the world under Islam– with terrorism only as and when needed.

A Modest Proposal

Here’s an idea: what if if rabid Canucki Christer-hunters like Marci “Fact Free” MacDonald or Separatist Gilles Duceppe or Perfesser David R. Spencer turned their hatey paranoia to an actual world-wide evil religious conspiracy to take everything over such as.. say– the Muslim Brotherhood, and all the little groups, Imams & Mosques, fake foundations and all the rest inspired by it? It might get some people upset, but at least it would be a reality-based investigation.

Canada: It’s Ours To Lose. ~


RIS-8: More On Mr. Coincidence

December 30, 2009


~ THE REMARKABLE American stealth-jihadi Imam Johari Abdul Malik.. the remarkable coincidences & connections just keep mounting up!

We’ve already mentioned that The Fort Hood Shooter was a former attendee of Malik’s Al Qaeda/ Hamas-friendly Virginia mosque. It turns out that a former assistant Imam there not only radicalized the mass-murdering Major Hasan, but is also directly connected with the Nigerian Panty-Bomber who just tried to down a U.S. Airliner over Detroit over Christmas.

Murdering Muslim Major Nidal Malik Hasan

That Deafening Silence

As self-righteous perma-victims, one might not expect formal Muslim denunciations of recent terror or– say– an RIS-8 official communique condemning terror in the name of 17000 gathered Canadian Muslims, since it happened around the time of the meeting. Especially since the calculating & self-pitying attitude of the Islamo-Jihad leadership in North America tends to be “Airliner Nearly Exploded, Hundreds Almost Slaughtered: Muslim Self Esteem Hardest Hit.”

It’s a supremacist thing– the tribe of Muhammed are the overlords to be of a world-caliphate. Any pro-forma explanations or silences are all to the ultimate aim of world and religious supremacy.

The RIS Conference and the terror-strikes are two sides of the same coin, and the connections between the ‘legit’ talking heads and the Al Qaeda bad guys is very very close. Good cop/ bad cop, one world theocracy ahoy. ~

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, Undies Bomber

Fun With Terror-Havens

May 6, 2009

Mahmoud Yadegari, Islamist Rat Bastard

Mahmoud Yadegari, Islamist Rat Bastard

~ ITEM: CANUCKISTANToronto man admits to terror plot in surprise plea: Saad Khalid pleads guilty to one count of participating in terrorist organization’s plots against targets in Toronto”; Sob story of the day: ‘Canadian’ who tried to send nuclear devices to Iran denied bail.

There’s the benefit of the doubt; and then there’s wilful blindness.

Canadians are generally a peaceable lot, and willing to live and let live– and yet for some immigrant and/ or militant Muslims, that’s Not A Good Thing. There’s the Jihad to be at, you know; and sharia law to promote, and the infidels to bring under the sword of Muhammad. Such a busy time of it, to be sure.

There is no redeeming the world in Islam: only conquest and subjugation of the infidel, using their own laws and weapons, principles and weaknesses against them, where possible.

So yet more plots from busy-bee Jihadists. Not a word of condemnation for their activities from CAIR or Elmasry or the usual scabby band of talking heads in our midst. It’s all an anomaly, dontcha know– no matter how consistent the profile, or constant the religion of the offender, be the plot never so vile or traitorous.

The Jihad is here in Canada. The goal is our overthrow as a secular nation of laws. The busybodies may only number in the thousands, but that means little enough.

We may muddle through: but surely it is better to act than react. This is a good land worth passing on an building and restoring from the ravages of Trudeaupianism, the kangaroo courts, and all the other aspects of forgetful Canuckistani stupidity which has beset us over the past two generations.


Sadly, we may do for ourselves what the Jihadist would wish; to silence the loyal and active opposition in our midst for the sake of the secular jihad. That will leave us ripe for the taking, for utopianism is a hollow sham, a pretty picture and dream as insubstantial and unworthy as the suicide bomber’s imagined heavenly whorehouse of 72 perpetual virgins.


ISNA-Can: Soft-Jihad R Us

March 18, 2009


~ ITEM: New Disclosures Tighten ISNA-Muslim Brotherhood Bonds

~ ITEM: ISNA, NAIT admit ties to Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas

~ ITEM: President of ISNA Muslim Group With Ties To Hamas To Speak at Inaugural Prayer Service

~ ITEM: Gaffney: “Friends of the Muslim Brotherhood are no friends of America

~ ITEM: Canadian justice system ‘not up to the modern terrorist challenge

What fun!

The Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood is the brains-trust of the modern Jihad, hard or soft. They primarily advocate the submission of the West to Islamic law and practice, or shari’a.

Lots of groups in the U.S. have the unofficial approval of the Islamo-Supremacist Muslim Brotherhood, including ISNA, or the hard-Wahhabist Islamic Society of North America, and The Muslim Student’s Association.  These groups have Canadian offshoots.

Connect Teh Dots

When you make the connections between such groups and public Muslims, it’s amazing what turns up.


The Lovely & Talented Mr. Kutty

In our recent post ‘Fighting The Squishies‘, we wrote of the attempted public knee-capping of moderate Canadian Muslim Tarek Fatah by CAIR-CAN’s Faisal Kutty. Oddly enough, Mr. Kutty showed up at last year’s ISNA-CAN 34th Annual Convention, according to this link, and YouTube vid.

YouTube – 34th ISNA Canada Annual Convention – Teaser (low quality)

Past ISNA-Can Conventions have seen Islamo-Smoothies like– wait for it– Tariq Ramadan!

So Here’s The Thing…

Logic is a pesky thing. Take the following situation.

Faisal Kutty and Tariq Ramadan and other folks like to get together at these Convention Centre conflabs, to speak and whatnot. But the ISNA-US is a pro-terror, pro-shari’a, pro-Jihad group which the bad boys of The Muslim Brotherhood appear to approve of entirely. We’ve yet to see any “..except fot the Canadian offshoots” qualifications from the IslamoFascist-HQ, but we presume the offshoots are doing much the same as the mother groups in the US.


You’re known by the company you keep. So: are Kutty & Ramadan et al. accidental idiots, or soft-jihadists? That is: are they just innocently hanging around over and over again with nasty people from nasty groups, or are they happy and glad to be there? Pick a side, and stop playing one and pretending to be the other. Whatever else you may say about him, Mr. Kutty has some serious intelligence and academic ability.

Any claim to not be onside with Islamo-Supremacism rings rather hollow when set alongside their activities and associations. If I hang around with a cross-burning white-sheeted group a lot, I may be an idiot, or a KKKer: most likely the latter, logically.

If you’re a decent human, you publicly distance yourself from haters, like Benedict XVI recently did over that anti-semitic bishop thing. If not a decent human, you just hope that fear and ignorance means the public won’t make the connections between you and various nasty groups you speak to on a regular basis.

They Have Their Reasons

You are what you are– but Islamists have reasons to hide their true and complete identity through flipping the moderate switch and talking nice to kuffar-bureaucrats in the name of dialogue and such like, all the while taking tax-dollars and supporting all the rest of their subversive activities. It’s classical radical politics 101, and our elites and chattering classes refuse to see it because of fears of being labelled racist or intolerant, and because so much of modern identity-politics is all about radical ways and means.

That’s where we are in Canada– not as far along as Western Europe or even the USSA under Obama, but slowly being drawn along the road to ever more Islamic demands, special accommodation, shari’a-zones, and government collaboration.

You can bet MP Jason Kenney is high on the list of people who won’t be missed by the radicals amongst us, who prefer a pliable or cowardly pro-Muslim, pro-shari’a government and immigration policy, to continue the slow creep of their shariafication of Canada.

Canada: it’s ours to lose.


To let him speak in his own words (semi-reasonably enough in spots, though lots of wah-boohoo, and he does go on to blame ‘NeoCons’.. a.k.a. Zionistical Jooooos)… but remember, (1) he’s also off speaking to extremist Muslim groups, and probably not saying the same sorts of things, (2) trying to silence Tarek Fatah, and (3) working with radical pro-sharia groups like CAIR-CAN, ISNA-CAN, and others. Always follow the interconnected links!

Lawyer Faisal Kutty speaks on Civil Liberties in Canada – Nov. 25/08

Part II

Portable Terror-Scumbag

March 17, 2009

Whatcha gonna do in this era of globalization and portable scumbags, eh?

Via Terry Glavin’s Blog:

ITEM:Why The Left In Canada Gets Afghanistan Wrong“.


So anyway, we got this in the e-mail–


George Galloway, a British politician and broadcaster, is an outspoken critic of Israel and a supporter of Hamas and Hizbollah. He will be a guest speaker at the Metropolitan United Church in

Toronto. His diatribes are inflammatory and, I believe, constitute a danger to Jewish communities in Canada. We have already seen what years of unbridled anti-Israel and anti-semitic rhetoric has resulted in for Jews in Britain. Following is the information regarding this forum:

A public forum featuring GEORGE GALLOWAY:

Resisting war from Gaza to Kandahar
6:15pm: Doors open 7:00pm: Event begins
Metropolitan United Church
56 Queen Street East
Directions: Two blocks east of Yonge and Queen (parking available on site)

Please send letters or emails, expressing your concerns and requesting that the Canadian government not allow this hatemonger to enter the country.  If you don’t know your MP’s email address, you can access it through

Following are email addresses for Stephen Harper, Michael Ignatieff, Jason Kenney and Peter Kent, respectively:,,

For those of you who are unfamiliar with George Galloway, following is one of his quotes and a YouTube link. If you take the time to watch the video, you will realize that his statements about Israel are completely fallacious.

In August 2006, during a press conference in a Beirut hotel, Galloway said, referring to the Israeli military operations in Lebanon:

“I came here to extend my congratulations to the Lebanese people on a great and historic victory against this aggression. I want to congratulate the Lebanese resistance and their leading edge, Hizbollah, whose martyrs and her s have achieved this great victory. And in particular to their leader, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, whose name now rings in joy around the world.”

Long and short? Anti-semitic Brit hate git coming to Canada. He’s not only a tool, he’s a generous donor, too.

~ AFP: Galloway gives cars and cash to Hamas in Gaza

~ George Galloway donates money (£25000) to Hamas

Therefore & So On

So here’s Binky’s question of the day: if that other guy we wrote about recently is in trouble with the UN & on a list for being a possible terror-supporter, why is George Galloway– an open sympathizer, donor, and supporter of Jihad & Terror– not on that same list, and banned from Canada?

Let’s everyone write to Kenney, Harper, and others to get this Brit git twit banned from this country. He’s had his say, and he can have it somewhere else.


Feral Barbarians & Appeasers

February 14, 2009


~ SUCH LOVELY PEOPLE, REALLY— Who? The Khadrs: belweather terror-mongers who exemplify our Canadian useful idiocy, and the easy sympathy of the Left for every shaggy-dog story and self-appointed victim.

Abdurahman Khadr has been on national TV, saying plainly that his was an “Al Qaeda family.” Got that?

After his defiant stance, nothing that he and his little band of terror-lovers have said or done should ever be taken at face value. They hate Canada: they support the aims & goals of the anti-semitic anti-Americans of Al Qaeda; adn presumably they also support the aims and means of Islamism: the overthrow of the West by any and all means, including lying through their lying teeth– or as the MoBots call it, taqqiyyastrategic lying, permissible when dealing with the infidel.

Terror Scum

Remember the facts: the Khadrs were admittedly and unapologetically involved in Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, and were personal friends with Osama Bin Ladin and his inner circle of eviloids.

The father, Egyptian-born Ahmed Khadr, is an admitted jihadist. As a student, he joined a certain radical Muslim-Brotherhood approved university student group and got radicalized. After that, ‘relief work’, but an awful lot of his friends and associates were the very worst of the worst of the international Islamist terror web. His son Omar was a jihadi warrior, and was captured by the Americans after being wounded.


Federal Liberal Party politicians– like Jean Chretien, Paul Martin, and current Liberal leader Ignatieff all seem to feel sorry for the media-savvy Khadrs. You know, KhadrCo. work up good PR, they plead utter innocence, and they have all the lefty useful idiots lined up to show the love to the poor victims of American excess, CSIS bloodhounds, and all that. Type thing:

~ Omar Khadr’s friends say bring the young man home, and they’ll look after him

~ Emperor Iggy’s infamous “Coalition”… rises from the dead, to make plea for Canada’s “first family of terror”

Sad to say, the exact truth of what the Khadrs were up to is not up for investigation or discussion. Useful idiots in Ottawa, the media, and leftist groups have glommed onto these folks as poster-kids for fighting Islamophobia™, and against ‘The Establishment’.

Cheering The Evil

That the Liberal Party, or Leftwits might be aiding and abetting international terrorism, sharia supremacism, undercutting our own efforts to uncover and cut the deep roots of extremism that infest Canada, and ‘normalize’ terror-supporters like the Khadrs is apparently acceptable. Score on for the Muslim Brotherhood extremists over Canadian common-sense. In the carnival hall of mirrors that is modern useful idiocy, the bad guys are victims, and the good guys are the black hats.

So pass the years of Islamist infiltration, undercutting, conditioning our elites. They are here. They will to conquer. The Khadrs? Just another hole in our defences– with pants on fire, and smirks on their faces.