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January 29, 2009

The public depiction of Islam as moderate, opponents or critics as bigots, Israel as the demon, and radicals as oppressed minorities is a delightful and dangerous web of fiction and lies.

The answer? Good books with facts and details you can use. UPDATE: “Stealth Jihad should be required reading in every one of our nation’s public schools. Here, Fjordman reviews Spencer’s groundbreaking work.


~ YOUR MUST-READ BOOK–“Stealth Jihad is heartily recommended for those who would like to understand the greatest threat we face today.” ~

~ EZRA LEVANT-PERSECUTING IMAM gets banned: “Calgary court bans Syed Soharwardy, Nagah Hage, from Jewish mall.” Syed briefly remade himself into a ‘moderate’, but Jew-hating is justsuch fun, dontcha know. ~

~ ISLAM = ANTI-SEMITISM: Toward a History of Antisemitism in Islam: A Groundbreaking Book, by Andrew Bostom. ~




January 28, 2009

crybabyCrybaby Pseudo-Victims

WE WERE DOING IT BEFORE, but if you point it out, we’ll do it more, so it’s all your fault. “Islamofascist Apologist Sheema Khan…. Discrimination against Islamofascists causes Muslims to embrace the implementation of sharia law in Canada.”

We got a full dose of this Islamist illogic parading as politically correct victimology back in the day, at the Ryerson Meeting with the Sock-Puppets, Leftists, and the Jew-hating Khaled Mouammar, president of Canadian Arab Federation (CAF). Scroll down to the Mouammar portion for the finely aged whine. Of course, this is the same complaining that many evil or self-destructive groups use for avoiding any and all responsibility for their own choices, behaviour, and the resulting chaos. The Man Is Keeping Me Down! True in Cuba of Zimbabwe, but that means you have to fight harder, not start a blamefest, leading up to a pity-party.

Doofus Say Whuh?

Sad to say, logic is not the strength of this sort of assertion. Most of the parents of these folks were immigrants to a free country that took them in. They received– as a gift– the hard-won Canadian freedom, and the investment of past generations of European immigrants in building to the country, to the tune of $400K per person  of infrastructure, institutions, and economy. Gift.

However, since Ottawa doesn’t insist on integrating people into our society, enclaves  and ghettos arise; old-country hate-preachers demonize the surrounding society; the unrooted children and grandchildren are given the choice of selfish secularism, or radical Islamist religion (since we don’t want to tell them the story of Canada as a Christian nation, founded by Anglicans and Roman Catholics). Christianity?! Ewww!  Just nobody tell them that the craAazy religion part is what made their ancestral homeland of Crapistan so uniquely and mediaevally crappy.

Yes We Khan!

Yes We Khan!

However, then the Islamists come out to play, and suddenly our society goes speechless, and listens to self-pitying screeds like Sheema Khan’s. Right into the Leftist bullseye: We suck! Western civ is evil!

Never mind that Western Civ gave such ungrateful malcontents the freedom, jobs, and place to complain: they hate us cuz we’re worst of the worst, and not because their religion is hateful, or because they’re in an ideological war with the West, which they perceive as weak, infidel, and vile.

It’s About Us, Too

What do we believe? What are the origins of our freedom, science, political institutions, and civilization? If the local school is any example, we believe in arbitrary detention, blind obedience, aboriginal history, social engineering, black history month, sitting quietly and doing what you’re told. Just.. because.

Modern society is all about ‘just because’. To many of us don’t really know or care where our civilization comes from, or what will keep it going. As long as we have big-screen & cable, our progressive elites or our Muslim immigrants can bugger away with Canada as much as they like– nothing will really change, will it?

Truth Be Told..

Sheema Khan represents the Islamist side: and she knows how the current dysfunctional system works– we whine, you placate us for our imagined hurts, which are all your fault anyway because we say so, and the victim is always right. Oh, and this is an advertisement for more soft-jihad.. did we mention that? “Sheema Khan, a PhD in chemical physics from Harvard, is director and chair of the Council on American-Islamic Relations/Canada, a group formed to educate institutions and the public about Islam.” Sounds pretty darned oppressed to me.

To these true believers, anybody– Muslim or otherwise– who won’t accept & agree with their interpretation of Islam (through the special Muslim Brotherhood Extremist Goggles™), is not a real Muslim.


Muslim Brotherhood Extremist Goggles™

Of course, when Sheema and Co. start jumping up and down with attention-seeking behaviour, it makes us think they represent the best interests of Canada, that they speak on behalf of  all Canadian Muslims, and that they are the got-to media voices to be listened to. Not so. CAIR-CAN is a subset of CAIR, an unindicted co-conspirator in several serious terrorism-funding cases, and on the Muslim Brotherhood’s list of soft-jihad and sharia-supremacist groups.

Sincerely Yours

Sheema is sincere, just like Mohamed Elasry, Khaled Loufti Mouammar, Syed Soharwardy, Tariq Ramadan, Aly Hindy, Mohammed Boudjenane, The Muslim Student’s Association, and the long list of like-minded ‘moderate’ folks advocating theocracy, repressive laws, and the Muslim Middle Ages as a cure-all for Western societies.

Of course, if soft-jihadists and sharia-supremacists weren’t up to their usual subversion, whatever currently reasonable suspicions the Canadian populace has of Muslim immigrants and their ghettos would disappear, to be replaced with the usual indifference we tend to show to things. Can’t we all just go to Timmy’s together?

No, we can’t, says Canadian Muslim Salim Mansour, who is watching the state of our eroding freedoms under hate-speech laws— laws which are used nowadays by irate militant Muslims to try and silence reasonable critics of Islam, and undercut Western freedom.

This is how it ends: not with a bang, but a whine.

Your Homework

1. Never take such claims at face value. Who is this Shere Khan person? What is sharia law? How did it almost happen in Ontario?

2. What other lawfare and pro-soft-jihad stuff has she been up to? What’s her relationship to CAIR-CAN?

3. Tarek Fatah: one of the good guys. Suffering for us and for Canada and for moderate Muslims. Same too for Salim Mansour.

4. Canada: it’s ours to lose. Send along anything else of interest you find in connection with this case.



Handy-Dandy Hate

January 28, 2009


You know, it’s always best when the soft-Jihadi shadow-haters freely come out from under the rocks into the sunshine. Self-outing scumbags: very convenient.

Blazing Catfur has the link– Canadian Human Rights Commission “Stakeholder” Canadian Arab Federation at it again… Khaled Mouammar, president of Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) … “The BBC is “mouthpiece of the Jewish Lobby“. Poor, oppressed CAF– under all that oppression, dontcha know.


Ah, yes, the Jooooooooos!

The handy-dandy conspiracy for everything: evidence or not, They did it.

Even when it’s just the BBC, remember: it’s not a whore to Islamists, and telling a story that needs to be told, it’s The Jews. This site taking on Islam? The Jews. The climate issue? Jews. The Jew-issue? Jews. Especially when there’s no real or sane evidence for the Jews doing it, that’s all the more evidence, right? The JewsJewsJews! Only they could be so crafty.

Remember to check under the bed before you sleep– you might have an infestation.

Der Ewige Jude, Arab Edition

In any case, Mr. Khaled Loufti Mouammar can’t blame the Jews for his own self-incriminating words. The Canadian Arab Federation? Jew-haters, freedom-chillers, soft-jihad supporters. Onside with Hitler. Enemies of the West, and Canada.

Any questions?


Some Extremist Islamophobe Comments

January 27, 2009

Via the peanut gallery, a comment on Saudi/ Islamist textbooks in schools ad mosques and such:

All this is the responsibility of the Education Department in each provincial government in Canada. Each province mandates the accepted texts, books, all curriculum…and…


However, this is a joke as anyone knows because, especially in Ontario…this is not done. In most cases concerned parents keep tabs on it..however, in the immigrant type schools…duh…of course nobody checks…

The provincial government needs to be held to account for this gross oversight in not monitoring and checking on these schools that all receive funding…even if no funding is accepted, there are still laws that govern the curriculum…even for home schooling type situations…however, because Ontario’s infrastructure has already been broken down in so many areas, I doubt if they bother…

The Federal Government needs to put pressure on Provincial Departments and make accountability along with transfer payments be manditory.


Spot The H8ter!

January 27, 2009

Binky Corps:

Fresh goodness just online: Steynian 316. And:

~ SOFT-JIHADI TANTRUM? Victims R Us: “The Canadian Arab Federation, which helped organize the pro-Hamas rallies in Toronto, and which vocally champions the genocidal jihadis in their “resistance” against the Jews, posts a report by the American Arab anti-Defamation Committee (ADC) detailing the “discrimination” and “Islamophobia” faced by Arabs in the U.S.” ~


~ LOOKS LIKE A A Major Da’Wa (Islamic propagation) Dump! TVO: “The Meaning of Jihad“– Shabir Ally, Mohammad Fadel, Tarek Fatah, Aly Hindy, Muqtedar Khan; ALY HINDY (see vid above) Canadian Imam Praises Suicide Bombing …. (

Hurray for asplody-killing? Ah, the lovely & talented Mr. Hindy, d’ya ‘spose he’ll ever be called to account for hate-speech? When Mo’ Elmasry said every Israeli Jew over 18 was a fair target, he bobbed and weaved and saved his ass, but outed himself and his group as haters, Jihadis, and promoters of unCanadianism.


Egyptian-born Aly Hindy is the current Imam of the extremist Salaheddin Islamic Centre in Scarborough, Canada; he’s the defiantly shariaist pro-polygamy guy behind GTA’s secret world of polygamy; Google more of his words and antics here.

Since they’re not the scary Muslims, the MCC’s call “MCC urges police to lay charges against polygamous Muslim men” for Aly and his ilk to be investigated has been ignored by Ontario authorities, official feminists, or the Human Rights Brigades. Ontaristan is falling into cowardice– at least in the Greater Toronto Megalopolis. Can’t poke those buzzing sharia enclaves with a stick– might get stung.

So, Binks-corps– what else can we dig up on this scumbag?


Imam Aly Hindy’s previous job.

YouTube – Video distributed in Aly Hindy’s Parking Lot

Short & Sweet

January 26, 2009

Dear Binky Corps & Minions:

By their books, you shall know them– Saudi Textbooks Incite Hatred & Violence against non-Muslims Dr. Sami Alrabaa.

Here’s the question I need some of you to answer for me:

  1. What books are currently in use in Islamic schools and kid’s education in mosques?
  2. Where are they published?
  3. What do they teach? About Islam, other religions, Jews, the West, women, same-sex behaviour? Quotes, page-numbers, authors, dates, publishers, the whole deal.

You have your orders: let’s get some.



Saudi Family Values

UPDATE: Oddly enough, the above photo has excited more Muslim comment than the actual text of this or any other posting. It appears to be a model or display of some sort about stoning, not an actual stoning itself. Which raises the question: are the commenters also denying the reality of harsh religious punishments, including stoning, in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere? That rigorist Islam is not actually fond of violent punishment not only for crimes, but sins? It`s easy enough to Google `stoning, Islam` and see gory pictures, mostly of women, battered to death in such ways– and presumably not by their fellow Anglicans.


Hot Truthing It

January 25, 2009

~ WHEN IT COMES TO DEALING WITH jihadists, they’re not unlike the character Colonel Jessup as played by Jack Nicholson in the movie A Few Good Men— “You can’t handle the truth!”

The navy lawyer character played by Tom Cruise knows that the Colonel wants to brag and fess up about what really happened. And so, under intense questioning, Colonel Jessup spills the beans, just as the Navy lawyer suspected he would. So a young Marine was beaten up, leading to his death– because of an order from the Colonel.

The jihadists and sharia supremacists are quivering with a big secret. They just can’t wait to tell the Big Truth: we’re all stinking infidels, and their god and their Prophet have told them to take over the world, and they’re busy doing just that. Their deity has allegedly told them to kill Jews, behead infidels, marry hot Grade 3 girls, plunder and steal and lie. Feel the excitement.

What It’s All About

It’s all about the stealth jihad– Mohammed Boudjenane, Mohammed Elmasry, Khaled Loutfi Mouammar, Tariq Ramadan, The Muslim Student’s Association, they are all wanting to tell their secret: they are better than us, and will bury us. Islam rules forever, so there. And they will use our own laws, institutions, groups, media, taxes, and government to help them do it.

And they’re counting on that fact that most of our people and leaders don’t want to know about it– “You can’t handle the truth!”

Can you handle the truth?


Plus De Binks, En Francais!

January 25, 2009


Point De Bascules continues to translate ad repost my stuff. Sweeet. Plus, they remembered that this is the interwebs, and added the links I didn’t, cuz– um.. it was late, and my Elf-powers wane in the dark, yeah– that’s it.


P.S. We’ve apparently got uppity minions– one asks: “Cool! When do I get my “Binky Corps” badge?” We’ll have to work on that– it would be easier to d ot-shirts, certificates. Though there’s one site that does boy scout type badges.

CanJihad Is Go!

January 24, 2009


Smells Like Hate

The other day we blogged about the Canadian Arab Federation. Remember: unlike liberals and jihadists, we here at CJ admit we could be terribly, terribly wrong on almost everything we say, It’s a fact, evidence, connections thing.

Looks like our take on the pro-Jihad, pro-terror CAJ isn’t entirely wrongheaded, if the following is anything to go by.

Writes sinister Jew-blogger Scaramouche:

“Go, jihadis!: The Canadian Arab Federation’s Mohammed Boudjenane makes no bones about it—he’s a big fan of Hamas, and he thinks Canadians should be, too.”

Thanks for coming out from behind the women and children, guys.. and the usual moderate baffle-gab.

Fair & Balanced

evilstamp21We will gladly post the CAJ’s public repudiation of Mr. Boudjenane’s views and remarks as unrepresentative of the fluffy kittens & cuddle-bunnies official position of the moderate CAJ. That, and Obama’s upcoming apology for faking it through the 2008 Election.

In all seriousness, to cheer Jew-hating Israel-threatening Hamas is, implicitly, to greenlight all they say and do. Kneecapping Fatah; using kids & women as human shields; lying and exaggerating to the media; cooperating with Iran and other terror-supporting nations and groups; launching missiles and storing weapons in or beside civilian areas and buildings. All of it.

You, Mr. Mohammed Boudjenane, are a jihadist scumbag, and a traitor to all that Canada stands for, and is fighting for.  The CAJ stands guilty, convicted by not unreservedly rejecting your disgusting and sub-human ideology, and firing you as Executive Director.

But wait! There’s more!! It gets worse: this guy (an NDipper, naturally) is a poster-boy for the stealth-jihadi agenda, and is fully entangled in all the usual places and groups. Says the Wiki:

“Boudjenane’s work in the area of anti-racism, civil liberties and human rights has included memberships on the Toronto Chief of Police’s Advisory Council and the executive of the National Antiracism Canadian Coalition. He has made public presentations to the Arar public enquiry, and to federal parliamentary committees examining Bill c36, the anti-terrorism legislation. He continues to be invited by international organizations, such as the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), to speak on issues related to Islamophobia and hate-crimes.”

Any questions?

A Final Crucial Point

With such groups and individuals, it’s as important to reasonably note what they don’t say and do, as much as what the actually say and do. These folks won’t be springing to defend Geert Wilders, or protest UK no-go zones, or Canadian Islamic polygamy. Were Canada to become a semi-shariafied state, you’d not likely find the CAJ or Mr. B pushing back against the spread of theocracy versus democracy in our country, or laying down their lives to defend Canadian Jews, moderate Muslims, Christian freedoms, or people even mildly critical of the facts, history, and doctrines  of Islam.

Like good old Tariq Ramadamadingdong, we’re dealing with a very sophisticated radicalism here, worthy of  NDP soft-communism, same-sex activists, feminist radicals, or hard-left academics. We’ve been there, done this in the West, over the past 50 years and more. It’s beyond sad that even otherwise sensible conservatives don’t see the similarities between the ways and means of liberal fascism, and the modus operandi of Islamic fascism.

Thanks again, Mohammed Boudjenane, for publicly standing up for evil, so we can make special mention of you, and your group.


The CIC Soft-Jihad

January 24, 2009


~ EGYPTIAN-BORN Mohammed Elmasry has been a proud Jew/ Israel hating soft-Jihadi on the Canadian scene for years. His recent proxy lawfare against Mark Steyn and Canadian free speech would make the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood rather proud: no bombs, just chilling infidel free speech in their dirty infidel society.

Some Elmasry wannabe-lady apparently just took over from him, officially speaking, but it all sounds the same. These guys are pure soft-Jihad sharia-supremacist running dog lackeys of the Caliphate. Just go read the site for yourself, and Elmasry’s screeds dating back several years.

He’d be the guy who got called out and caught out on what he actually believes a few years ago, on TV. He ‘apologized’ (but refused to step down), and kept on keeping on with his usual nasty, including the whole MacLean’s lawsuit thing.

Like our CBC talking heads, the CIC-ites consider ‘balance’ to be a range of people who all agree with them. We could write the screeds ourselves, except that we’re not into vomiting such propaganda– so the following is actual BALANCE to their Palestinianism:

~ PASSING ON THE HATE & LIES— ” Today’s spin–heartless Jews murder the innocent: In its weekly Friday digest, the Canadian Islamic Congress posts this report, from UK rag The Guardian, about the immense loss of life in Gaza, much of it comprised of children”; War Is Deceit: Gaza doc says Palestinian death toll inflated.. (Scaramouche, JiWa)

And via the Islamophobes at the wonderful Point De Bascules, speeches from their conference last Fall featuring actually moderate Canadian Muslims, who are glad to live in this country, and don’t see it as their higher calling to enslave us all under sharia and Islamist rule.

Of course, the CICites would consider such folks traitors. All the better, and well done, then! Enjoy:

Salim Mansur

Tarek Fatah

Raheel Raza